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For Sale: Hifiman HE-500 Stock Cable

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For Sale:
Hifiman HE-500 Stock Cable

Will Ship To: Continental US

For sale is a fully functional, used, stock Hifiman HE-500 headphone cable.  I purchased these headphones, new about 5 months ago, and the cable came in the box.  I switched to an aftermarket cable and have no use for this cable at present. 


The cable terminates in a 1/4" headphone jack at one end and the Hifiman headphone connectors at the other end.  Per the Hifiman website, it is 10 ft (3 meters). 


My price is $60, via Pay Pal.  That includes shipping and fees. 

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pm sent

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will this cable fit the he300 as well?

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pm sent

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