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For Sale: RSA Hornet - SOLD

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For Sale:
RSA Hornet - SOLD

Will Ship To: CONUS

Purchased used from a fellow Head-Fier back in 2009 and I've put 150 hours or so use on it

Good cosmetic condition with small nicks and scratches on the front and back plates from the original owner's use

Excellent working condition

Blue face plate and body with 4 clear rubber feet on the bottom

On-board recharging for 9V NiMH batteries (battery not included)

Will ship with PS/charger & a Moon Audio Blue Dragon line-out dock in original box


Had an issue with static in the volume control when I first got it - called Ray and he said "just turn the volume control up and down 50-100 times and it'll go away" - I did and it did.


Sounds phenomenal - RSA portables really are in a different league altogether -  will drive my AKG 702s reasonably well


Get RSA sound quality at an iBasso-like price of only $200 + shipping!


I will also consider trades for an iBasso D6 or RSA Intruder (D6 at even swap and RSA plus cash for Intruder).


This item has been sold (but without the Blue Dragon LOD).

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Hi. Are these still available? Pls pm best price including shipping to malaysia.
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Thanks for the interest guys, but having explored international shipping with this amp already, I would prefer to keep the transaction in the US, or possibly Canada.

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