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For Sale:
Burson Audio - Pre-160 & PP-160 - Australian High End Audio - AMP & matching Pre

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Burson Audio - Pre-160 & PP-160

Australian High End Audio
MINT condition, barely used! 
Price include shipping worldwide!
I'm selling Burson Audio Pre & Power Amp 160 Combo. That combo assembled from: 
One unit of Burson Audio PP-160
One unit of Burson Audio Pre-160
Both units are in PERFECT condition (and I didn't use capital letters just for fun) and i have the original packaging for both products. 
I'm not willing to split the units, they are a perfect match to the ears and eyes. 

Some info from Burson Audio website about the PP-160:

A humble weight lifter
Featuring every technology developed by Burson Audio to date, The PP-160 is so transparent that it plays any genre of music in its original state.  It’s so powerful that it can provide the heavy electronic lift to drive any loudspeakers to a life like performance.
The rebirth of a legend. With the introduction of our second generation Burson HD opamp and low noise regulator technology, we were able to further enhance the performance of our acclaimed PP-100.  Combining a premium selection of components, like the ELNA audio grade electric, the 1% tolerant DALE military graded resistor, and the custom built 400VA transformer, we have been able to raise the performance of the PP100 to even greater levels. We’ve called this new beast, the PP-160.
Our discrete (IC free) approach allows  us to optimize our design and tune the PP-160 to achieve the best in audio reproduction. For the PP-160 we have decided to tune it into a completely transparent and selfless power amp, that humbly reproduces any sonic flavor from upstream while not adding any coloration of its own.     


Guarantee to synergize, Our acclaimed High Sensitivity Input Buffer stage is fully implemented into the PP-160.  It enhances sonic transparency and allows the PP-160 to perfectly team up with any preamp (solid state or tube) and unleash the full potential of any system.
The Tube Amp Booster
The team at Burson Audio wanted solid state and tubes to work together for the greatness of music.  We utilised the transparency nature of the PP-160 to create a tube booster function that simply increases the driving power of any SE-Class A amp put in front of it.


The Burson Booster amp has no coloration of its own. It allows the preservation of the tube sonic signature, yet boosts its output power significantly. This is no small feat, as any experienced audio engineer will tell you. It finally allows tube lovers to enjoy both the power and grace of music.


Some info from Burson Audio website about the Pre-160:

High Sensitivity Input Buffer (HSIB) Fearing for a loss of transparency, most audiophiles are reluctant to add another component to their audio chain.  But those who have tried the PRE-160 know that the buffer in fact enhances sonic transparency by synergising the entire audio system.

The PRE-160 has achieved absolute transparency through our patented Burson HSIB stage. The HSIB is an FET input stage that has very high input impedance (hence very sensitive to even low level input). This effectively allows our buffer stage to match up to any  input or output signal drains and realize the full potential of the audio system without adding any coloration of its own.


A performance focused volume control. At the time when an audio signal is passing through the volume control, it is still at its weakest. At this stage, the audio signal is very vulnerable to noise pollution and interference. A major source of such distortion is the commonly used remote volume control adopted by most manufactures.


Burson Audio recognized the drawbacks associated with remote volume controls and deemed them unacceptable. Instead, we developed a 24 stepped attenuator, constructed with the best quality components available. Our Burson Audio stepped attenuator ensures preservation of even the weakest audio signal; The air between instruments, the decay after an attack and all micro details that makes music enjoyable.


Low Noise Power Supply (LNPS). Based on our low noise regulator technology our power supply design uses multi-stage noise filtering. It allows music to be reproduced from a darker, wider and deeper sound-stage.

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