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Originally Posted by Music Alchemist View Post

That's relieving.
Does yours look like this? (Click to show)

(That gold champagne SR-007 is the one I want more than the other versions, though the black SR-007MK2 is my favorite in terms of aesthetics. Can't tell if yours is silver instead of gold.)

Which other STAX do you have? I don't recall, if you mentioned it.

Yeah, she's an old brown and gold Mk I, 707xx. Got it for a killer deal from yahoo japan. The exchange rate is great for americans importing right now. Only other STAX I have is the SR-207. Good headphones, but not as good as the SR-007. But for the price difference that better be the case right? Not that it always is in this hobby. biggrin.gif

Probably going to sell the 207's soon though. I try not to hoard. Two headphones at home and something small and portable for travel is about my max. And I'm pretty attached to my old T30's.
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Originally Posted by Tinkerer View Post

If I recall right, the Nova Basic is the mid-90's equivalent of the SR-202 and the SR-207 basic systems. Said to be pretty good, and from the generation that had the Nova Signature as the TOTL Lambda where none of them had much of the stax etch.

But I don't really like the tiny energizers when you can get the older bigger midgrade amps for a little more. That SRA-12S was only $375 and SRM-1's often go for only a couple hundred dollars.

Thanks for the comments.
I'm planning on upgrading my SRM-252S to something better.
I'm sure my SR-207 cans could use a better amp.
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