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= M6 =
Strong bass (that is a bit boomy) with bright, clear & detailed mids emphisized right at acoustic guitar / female vocal, with enough highs for decent cymbals / high-hat - not much in between. Narrow soundstage with limited dynamics in the presentation (a sound is being directed at my ear drums effect).

Overall, a fun sounding set that doesn't any make any bad mistakes.

= SM64 =
Strong bass too, but extending much lower but without any boomy mid-bass. Broad and balanced mids (no specific peeks or emphasis), with clean & clear highs that are well extended (and everything in between). Wide soundstage with a very open and dynamic presentation.

Not surprisingly, the 64s sounded better regardless of the genre or recordings quality. The M6, (with its emphasized mid-bass and mid-mids) seemed to compare best with electronic music.

The biggest difference is realism. The M6 delivery while fun never really convinces. Track after track the SM64 took the M6's performance and brought it to life. Suddenly it was like I was at the club, or concert hall, or getting to sit in at the studio as the artist's performance was being recorded.

The SM64 is a warmer sound than the M6, and yet beats it in clarity and detail everywhere except right where the M6's mids peak.

On bright or poorer quality recordings I found the M6 fatiguing and the '64s easier to listen to and more forgiving.

I'm working on a SM64 vs. W4 shootout that I'll post seperately.

Wow really detailed and helpful comparison! Heheh thanks! I'll be looking forward to your W4 vs SM64 comparison too!