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Overly obvious introduction

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I am sort of at a loss at the moment, since I don't see a single introduction post anywhere in sight. I guess I'm a minority then, so...

Hi, I'm Pirakaphile, I like music, playing it and listening to it. I just started off into the world of hi-fi a few weeks ago when my uncle showed me the true difference between regular music on regular speakers, and his uberhigh bit rate music on his amazing sound system with electrostatic speakers and two subwoofers. I was blown away with the clarity and feel of the music. The only bad part about that is, I cry a little every time I hear music on my home sound system, and the beats my grandma so happily got me. The beats were my first pair of headphones, and I thought they were awesome, until I suddenly heard some actual headphones at Echo Audio. Sennheiser, Grado, and Audio-Technica became an integral part of my hunt for some high quality headphones. So far I have my eyes set on Audio-Technica, due to the fact that they have the kind of sound I like. I need to get the money to get them, which is why I'm finally getting a job and being an anti-bum. Hopefully I'll end up having some leftover college money in four years and I'll be able to invest in a good sound system. Anyway, that's my story.

Cue whatever people talk about on intro posts.

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Nice, you're one of the lucky few who live close to A/V stores with a bunch of headphone demos. You have no idea how much money that can save you in the long run. redface.gif It's also interesting to hear that your store has audio-technicas for sale. Do they perhaps include AT's full-sized models like the AD900X?


Anyway, welcome to head-fi!

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Could this Echo Audio possibly be the one in Portland: http://www.yelp.com/biz/echo-audio-Portland?


Just watched that video and... well that's one epic audio store. Pretty hilarious too.

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Huh, now that you're bitten by the HiFi bug you should take the Anti-Upgraditis blue pill.

Upgraditis is a very dangerous virus lurking around the forum, just saying L3000.gif

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Sadly, Viralcow, I live in Kansas, and the only reason I was in Portland was due to the fact that I was on a trip. It's a $400 round trip, so I wont be getting any more headphone demonstrations till I buy one myself. Anyway, thanks for the welcome, and funny part about the store, one of the guys was watching my butt the whole time I was listening to headphones. Made it a little hard to concentrate though. Anyway, I tried a bunch of Sennheisers and a few Grados, but they only really had a few A-T phones there. I like Sennheiser, but I'm looking for a little more bolder sound from a headphone, I don't like to tiptoe (the MOMENTUM over-the-ear cans were really nice sound actually, real thick, and those headphones, I like to drive a high mileage, cool looking, growly sportscar, if there is such a headphone. Grado was nice, but they let a little too much sound in from ambient stuff like a fan or a tv, but the A-T's seemed to have that nice thick, round sound I like. I have some Beats as a gift a while back, but I use them for eveything cause they're all I have, so everything but my dubstep makes me tear up. I think I'll be going with the $300 or $200 A-T's (don't remember the names cause they're just a bunch of numbers) Anyway, thanks for replying!


Konstantin690; "You can take the blue pill, you wake up, you listen to whatever you want to, you choose the average fidelity. Or you can take the red pill, and see how far down the fidelity hole goes."

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Agreed, OTOH this rabbit hole....... is bottomless..blink.gif

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Welcome to head fi, I live in Missouri, there are a couple of good audio stores here in town, the two we frequent most are vinyl Rennasaunce, we frequent to overland Park Kansas store more since they have higher end equipment there, the Westport store has more CDs though, most of the employees at both locations are good, if any of them stare at yer butt kick them in there's smily_headphones1.gif both locations have grados and the op store has dennon too, I bought my grado sr225i from the op store after they let me demo them for close to an hour, I went back and bought them the next day smily_headphones1.gif they have mcintosh home stereo equipment too (fairly high end) and a good selection of speakers too, they are an authorized dealer of grados too, josh is who we usually deal with when we want to demo speakers or headphones

I can't recommend a place called a-v design even though he said that they can get grado headphones they are not listed on the grado website as a dealer

I have called sound fx close to the plaza but have not been there, they where friendly on the phone though and they carry grados, they are on the grado website as an authorized dealer

I called echo audio when I was looking for a music hall headphone amp, they where very nice on the phone and had a good price on the mh amp too, I did not end up buying from them as I found a display model elsewhere a bit cheaper
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Yeah, I live in Overland Park and I've been doing some interneting, but I haven't been able to find any stores that way. Anyway, do any of those stores you've been to have Audio-Technica or Sennheiser? And they've got to have some portable headphone amps too I would think.

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Cool, vinyl Rennasaunce does not have either, they do have a two desktop headphone amps

The best buy at I believe 95 th and quivira has a magnolia section they have sennheissers and I think they have audio technicas too, my cousin has at m50 headphones and likes them, he takes them dang near everywhere smily_headphones1.gif

I don't know about sound fx what they carry headphone wise besides grados

I have not seen any portable Amps in kc at all frown.gif
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Well, I guess I'll just order the amps online.
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