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For Sale: KGSShv

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: UK, Europe



A very carefully made on-board KGSShv similar to the one I took to the London meet that was so well received.

Just built and run 30 hours.


Input wiring is ultra pure copper, the HV wiring is 600v ptfe. 

I have added the servo to the amps (published by KG a few months ago). Output offset is held low.

Amplifier has +/-450v rails.  Bias voltage is 580v.  The Stax socket is Headamp.

The inputs are xlr wired to Alpha quad pot.

The amp has an IEC socket for 230-240v 50Hz.  60W.  UK IEC lead supplied.


It is electrically safe and does not get very hot, max 40C on the top cover above heatsinks.


It is in a Modushop case 400x400x90, 10mm Alu front panel.  Weight 10.1Kg


How does it sound?  Great! (with SR-507 and SR-007Mk2, I don’t have a -009)

(Space on back for owner label when purchased)



I would prefer to deliver within a reasonable radius in UK

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Nice built. So tempting....

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Is the KGSSHV still available?

Destination would be continental Europe.

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