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I'm looking for some IEMs around the $200 mark. I'll go a bit more if necessary, but less expensive is certainly better. Historically, IEMs and I have not gotten along. I have owned Denon AH-C551K and Hippo VB, but both of them were very uncomfortable. I have pretty narrow ear canals, and the forward part of the barrel of both of them would irritate the opening of my ear canal shortly after putting them in. I used Comply tips the majority of the time with both of them, but I did recently finally try some small Sony knockoff tips on the VB which made them much more comfortable, but something seems to have gone wrong with them in the couple of years since I had last used them. They sounded TERRIBLE.


So anyway, I'm looking for something more comfortable, so probably with a smaller body than the Denon or the Hippo, but that might not be entirely necessary. For a point of reference, my absolute favorite headphones are the PSB M4U 1, which seem to have a flat response with a slight bump in the upper bass. I don't like a v-shaped signature and would prefer not to have anything terribly exaggerated. I'm very interested in balanced or moving armature, but am hesitant because of generally anemic bass. I don't need huge bass, but it needs to be present and extend as far down as possible, but not at the cost of losing the mids or highs. I would be willing to sacrifice a bit on sound quality for comfort. I really, truly, honestly listen to everything except classical, unless you count some of the modern, avant garde composers in the classical camp. I don't really listen analytically, but to get lost in the music, although off-kilter sound will turn me off quickly. I need something that is easily driven and sounds good directly out of my fuze, but I'll also be using it on occasion with my iBasso Sidewinder.


A couple of my finalists at the moment are:

Yamaha EPH-100 (I some complaints that the treble sounds odd, but it doesn't sound like anything that would bother me.

Vsonic GR07 (I'm waffling here because I don't like the look of the huge body.)

Vsonic GR01 (concerned about anemic bass)


I am definitely open to additional suggestions.


Availability on Amazon is a huge plus, because I'd love to get something ASAP.

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