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Originally Posted by zowki View Post

Some Sony MA900 comparisons.

The Sony MA900 is a bit darker and has slightly bloated and slower bass compared to the Alpha Dogs. The MA900 being an open headphone, unsurprisingly has better soundstage. The MA900 sounds closer to the Alpha Dogs than the HD600 and K701. Will add more details to my review thread.

This image turned me on. frown.gif

And I do find the MA900 on the warm side. I don't tend to use the word dark, because to me that sounds like it's lacking in detail/veiled. the MA900 is not veiled. It's smooth in the upper range, but veiled is a stretch.

As for when I talk about mids/vocals, I don't test that with my EDM, actually. I DO listen to more than just those genres of music, you know. Lol. One of my fave test tracks is 'Skylar Grey - Words'

So the MA900 and AD have a similar-ish tonality? That sounds appealing.

I could see how the MA900 have slower bass. I've also been telling people the MA900 isn't bass deficient. It has a slight hump in the mid bass, where it gentle rolls towards the mid section. The MA900 is quite linear, other than the lower and upper extremities sloping downwards.
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 "Who cares about soundstage."



geez....with all the crazy  firepower at your disposal ....WHO needs to care...LOL  :P

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For me personally, I'm not too picky about soundstage when it comes to music, but for movies and games, it's of huge importance.

Though lately, soundstage for music has become a nice bonus.
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1. Neutral frequency response

2. Comfort

3. Soundstage

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1. Comfort
2. Comfort
3. Musicality
4. Soundstage
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I've had more and more of an internal battle lately between comfort and sound, it's disconcerting! :(

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It's simple for me. If I can't wear it without having to think about how it's bothering me, I don't want it.

I LOVED the LCD2 (basically the best sound I've heard for my taste, after the D7000), and I HAD to sell it. The discomfort was always a factor, even the vegan version with foam headband swap.
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That is the version I tried and there was no way I could handle the discomfort. With that particular headphone it wouldn't have mattered how it sounded.  I find the HiFiMAN line more comfortable, but I've heard others say the opposite.  I still think the AD is the most comfortable planar of the three companies, though Oppo might take that crown soon - not sure how comfortable theirs will be, but it looks comfy.

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Originally Posted by campj View Post

Most likely really really good. I don't have the AD, but I have modified T50RP, so I have some familiarity with the drivers, and they do really well with metal. The detail and clarity really help with instrument separation, and you will be able to easily pick out riffs that are occurring simultaneously. I have mine modded a little darker sounding and not so neutral, but they're still super clear.


I'm not sure what kind of black metal you listen to, but basement style recordings will sound like garbage. I'd prefer to listen to some of that stuff on a tape player boombox type stereo instead of very clear sounding headphones. I think that was the aim when they made it (or should that be present tense? Are people still making that type of black metal? haha).

Outstanding Campj, thank you. This is the kind of feedback I am looking for. I can totally understand the basement recordings comment, agreed!

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Audeze's just have poor weight distribution. If they can manage to fix that, they would be even more popular, IMO. Their pads are already very soft and comfortable so they are already half way there. 

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I never had problems with the LCD-2, just with its cheap built. For 1400 Dollars you can expect more than just 2 cheap screws holding the cups. 

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The HE4 is the most comfy planar for me. Light weight, super soft velours (much better than the current HFM velours) made it wonderful to wear. The MD was second for me, and is also VERY comfy. That comfort strap is amazing.
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I know the HE4 is much lighter than the rest, it would have been nice to try that one.

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Well, every Hifiman will get lighter eventually, that's one of their most important goals. 

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For a long time i held back on the LCD2 reading all the varied postss...

finally i relented n bot one, and it's fast becoming my most loved headfone, the sound just tugs at my heartstrings.

The weight..? i listen from a highback armchair..the LCD2 is halfsupported by that..:P 


THe depth of the soundstage is very important to my music enjoyment...

listening to THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN now, (on the d7k)

very hard to feel the grandeur of this piece of music unless u can get good depth..

the horses riding...the trombones echoing thru the mountains behind...layered by the trumpets further infront..

the strings flanking the ranges...all adds up to pay tribute to a fine piece of compostition.


I heard the MD once, and i do like that slight dark neutral presentation, 

just need to get a fix on whether to spend more on the AD, to get what added benefits..

i lust for a really great CLOSED can..

i guess thats what alot of folks are wondering too.

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