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Originally Posted by syobwoc View Post

hey mike, I know you mentioned you might touch up the bass a bit on the AD, but if you would be so kind as to give us your impressions or even a quick video how to, that would be awesome. biggrin.gif


Dan suggested that I make some adjustments on the headband first for slightly more clamping force.  I will try that before messing with the bass screw.


I believe Dan touched on how to do it in this video.


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More open sounding than TH-900 and R10?

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Originally Posted by M-13 View Post

Well Eke2K6 does have a point of reference. It'll be the Mad Dog 3.0 vs the Alpha Dog running off of whatever gear he has when he compares them. Whatever that opinion is worth is depedant upon what people own. A Mad Dog 3.0 owner who also uses an Asgard might find his opinion very important.




any headphone can be a Point of reference just about. 

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Also maybe one doesn't want reference sounding headphone, but just to have variety of different sounding headphones.
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Any comparisons and thoughts gladly received. I think most would agree. Non scientific subjective opinions is something that keeps any forum alive and full of discussion. Bring it on!
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What's the consensus on the mad dog vs alpha dog? Any impressions on the alpha dogs from headfi'ers who have received theirs?
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I am afraid we need to wait until next week to know. I think only few of headfiers have their alpha dogs now and they need more time to listen to them carefully before write some comments, but judging from the early posts to now I can say that the beta headphones and the final products have very similar sound sign. The only thing I am currently interested is the bass tuning of these headphones.

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Annnddd My new toys arrived!!!


Playing PS3 (attacking the backlog before the PS4 arrives) at the moment but I will direct my attention towards the Alpha Dogs in a bit! ;)

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Hi, gelocks. I visited your page and saw that you have a C421 and I am not sure whether you still keep that portable amplifier or not, but if it ok please try to pair the Alpha dog with C421 because I have a C421 too and I would like to know you thought. Thanks a lot. However, you have X3 too. Nice.

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Look what just showed up with her fine ass...



Tall Order... 

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LOVELY picture!

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Originally Posted by Greed View Post

Look what just showed up with her fine ass...


Enjoy the time with her. Treat her like a lady. Maybe she'll become the mistress to your main sister-wives.

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Originally Posted by eke2k6 View Post
Originally Posted by kstuart View Post

I have compared the 3.0 and the 3.2, and to be entirely frank, you won't have a baseline.  As explained by Dan, the 3.0 had flaws that were corrected by the 3.2 and as a result, he offers the upgrade process for a nominal fee.


So, you will not be able to tell what differences are due to the Alpha Dog difference from the Mad Dog, and what differences are just due to the 3.0 flaws.


The quote below seems to make the changes not look as drastic as you seem to be implying they are:


Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

The 3.2 lessened a little of midrange magic for some bass magic, and some more treble clarity. Mids are still good, but if you've grown accustomed to the midrange, it might be a tradeoff you may not like. It's subtle, but it's there.

Apples and oranges.


You were referring to a "baseline", MLE is referring to "liking".


From what I have read, my guess is that MLE does most of his listening to music that has no "reference point".  A popular and famous example of what I mean is Daft Punk.  All of the sounds are either entirely electronic or else highly processed.  So, if you listen to ten different headphones, it's really not possible to say that any particular reproduction is "what Bangalter intends it to sound like".   For that sort of music, a choice of system components is all about what you enjoy when listening.  So, you can say "these headphones are more enjoyable than those, on the music that I like".  And really, this is the most important thing.


But there is also the concepts of "baselines" and "reference points".  Suppose you go to a wedding reception, and they have a string quartet playing Mozart.  This gives you a reference point as to what a violin actually sounds like in person (as well as a viola, cello and bass).  If someone recorded that performance, that would be a great "baseline" to use for checking systems.  Any way in which playback of that recording of the string quartet sounds different from what you heard, is a "distortion" of the recording.


Ultimately, purchasing the most enjoyable product is still the best, but a system that sounds close to the actual sound of instruments, will sound good on everything.

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:frown: no reviews?


(patience grasshopper)

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Yah all of these people with their Alpha Dogs and only 1 person posted impressions. -_-
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