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Where can I get the connectors from for my cables?

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Originally Posted by mrspeakers View Post

First units coming are being built and tested now. Road show units will go out Monday, and we expect first customer shipments at that time as well.


We're putting a few details in place for the upgrade program, I hope to have that available on our website this weekend.




ahhh... just so sexy! 


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I think Dan just sold me on the AD instead of the LCD3: beautiful finish, XLR cable option, AND a stand.  However, I do wish he keeps the piping in copper to give it a bit more contrast.

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No way!  Maybe silver option piping though.

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I actually like the look of the black sliders more.  "It's more of Mr Speakers custom."  We all know that the heart is still a Fostex but that's about it from the original can.  Everything else is custom.  If you're gonna do something outrageous might as well go all out.  

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I have to admit, I liked the copper better. It had a more distinct quality. Oh well, we won't be staring at them anyway/

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those look amazing!

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They look fantastic Dan!! My f5 key awaits your tracking number sir. :veryevil:

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Originally Posted by grizzlybeast View Post

I have had the 8.35d a lot of people prefer them to the rest of the gm's. But those got slaughtered by the hd650. the x1 had a better overall performance except for in its presentation. The MD 3.0 isn't as pleasing of a listen as the 8.35d to me though(not really fair to bring the dated version up). That being said I would expect the AD to cream the 8.35d. I would like to get my hands on a 400 to hear it.


At this point I am already set on an akg 712 (prof reasons) and am debating between the he 500 or an AD. If I don't like the AD I am stuck with it because I have my MD to send in. THe he500 I can sell at the same price I buy it if I buy it used. Plus k712 and AD may have a similar tonal balance.


I hope the first review of the AD posted is vs the he-500. THough I want the AD, the k712 and 500 might be different enough keep both.


I am so dependent on reviews its unhealthy. I wonder how long it will take. Did the tour start yet?


Well, the 8.35 are easy to drive, to start with.

And the beauty of the ADs (as well as my GMs) is that they're closed-back. That's important for my usage.
And since I'm not looking to have a whole lot of cans for the moment, I think ADs would make a nice all around pair.
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Dang, those look amazing Dan!
I'm looking forward to getting the tour pair soon!
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The comfort strap looks to be twice as thick as the one on my MD 3.2.  Can't see in the latest photos of the Alpha Dogs, but I'm curious to know if the same stainless steel philips head screws are being used to fasten the comfort strap or if this too has been optimized. 

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The strap leather varies in thickness.  We have a min/max to keep it in a range, but leather is rather variable.  

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Any desire to comment on what the wait list is as of today....? Not sure if that knowledge is best to keep secret...

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It's posted on the site.  We're estimating 6 weeks.  I think we can do a bit better than that but we'll see.  We're ramping slowly to ensure quality.  

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Will be eagerly refreshing the site for the upgrade to go live. Those look fantastic.
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