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For Sale:
NuForce uDAC2 With Some Issues (Price Includes Shipping)

Will Ship To: CONUS

I have an old uDAC2 that took a fall a few months ago, and not being an electrical hobbyist I'm not quite sure what's wrong with it. The unit still functions as a DAC when I'm not running bitperfect (in Banshee), but when I run a bitperfect setup (in Gmusicbrowser) it doesn't emit any sound. I've taken the case off of it to see if there was an obvious diagnosis, and I have found that there is a piece of something rattling around in between the different layers of the DAC. If you'd like a little bit of a project to half-price for $120 DAC, go ahead! I'll ship it in its original box with all included accessories and documentation from when I bought it in mid-2011.


Payment will be PayPal-only.


If you want any specific pictures I can provide them; I didn't feel a need to post photos of a unit that's so common that everyone on Head-Fi knows what it looks like.

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