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I´m going to get the sennheiser amperior, and i want a great sq player, i was thinking in nwz -f806, with android, but i think its a little expensive, i can save more money and buy the smathphone xperia z c6603, so, my question is, which features has the nwz -f806 compared with the xperia z in terms of sound quality? i want to know if the nwz -f806 has better sound quality or they have almost the same? is it worth it? Im intrested mostly in sound quality.


Which one should I get?

And, if they are not good PMPs, please tell me a good one with lower price please, and, i was reading about a smarthphone sony "honami"  and people has said:


What's more, perhaps the most importantly for us, this phone should also include the audiophile chip, which Sony is using in their current Z Walkmans.

So, what do u think?

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