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Listening to Headphones - Am I doing it wrong?!

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Hi Folks,


Okay, so I went visit a local headphone shop the other day as I am looking to upgrade my cans.  Anyway, I was listening to a variety of cans on a Burson Soloist (HD800's, T1's, HE-500, TH-900's, etc) and the volume knob never went past 11:30.  Anyway, the fellow working at the shop commented that the best way to audition headphones is to crank it (a bit).  Not to crazy levels, but reasonably loud.


In the speaker world, one of the signs of a good design is that you can listen to music at lower volume levels and still get the resolution and detail of higher volume levels.  I've just always auditioned at lower levels.  In addition to that, I tend to listen at lower volumes because I find I get tired of listening at high volumes for more than a song or two.


To me, a music at higher levels has more of a wow factor (slam and such) but I find my ears start to not be able to differentiate details, hence I don't care for it when doing so critically.


Anyway, should I be doing the critical listening/auditioning at higher volume levels, or or lower, or is it just a matter of preference?


What sort of volume do you listen to with doing so critically?


Thanks in advance!




(oh the issues we have....biggrin.gif)

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I listen at a reasonable level. I never go past 25% any of the time. Anyways, don't worry if your doing it,"right" as there is no right in this business. Its all preference. Just do what makes you happyredface.gif

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I never listen at "concert levels." I rarely go past 12:00; 10:30-11:30 is loud enough for me for certain music. It's also why I dislike high gain amps as I don't use much of it and it's very sensitive when you turn the knob (one small turn goes from quiet to ear-piercing).

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I think listening at higher volume makes glaring faults with headphones (usually treble peaks that cause sibilance) more obvious, and it'll also make the sound signature more obvious.

Personally, I adjust my volume depending on the music. EDM and pop rock, I crank things up a notch. Classical, I try to keep it soft (though "soft" to classical often requires more volume output than EDM or pop rock from my experience). Jazz, I keep it in between.
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Funny, I never really though about that. I just listen at the volume I'm sure to be listening on when I'm home. Borderline very loud.
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I know people like to listen to their music really loud, but wouldn't you develop tinnitus in the long run?

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