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 I have owned and enjoyed the raptor for the better part of three years now and have been rewarded with many hours of pleasurable listening. But recently I have purchased a pair of cable pro reverie power cords to use on my emotiva powered monitors.  I was curious to see how it worked with my raptor so yesterday I hooked up one of them to my raptor headphone amp using my teac ud 501 dac thru a onkyo cd player as a transport. Well I listened to it till almost 4 oclock this morning.

  I was just astounded by the palpability of the reverie power cord with the raptor.

  For all you raptor owners you have not heard your raptor till you try it with the reverie power cord.

 There is a thirty day free trial period on the power cords so you can not lose. Take my advice and try one. '

 it works so well that I consider this amust have tweak for your raptor.

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