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At the moment this will be my first forum post. Currently I am new to the Head Fi community and is an amateur at iems thus far. Right now I have two iems which are the Monster Turbines and Klipsch Image X10s. I would say the x10s offer a better soundstage and are overall clear sounding iems while the turbines to my ears sound a little muffled. Then again I am comparing a dynamic iem vs a single BA iem. So far my ears are leaning towards BA iems. However I am deciding on trying different BA iems with more drivers for better soundstage, highs, mids,and lows. Would the Sony XBA-30 fit this description? Also as a side note I am using a zune hd 32gb, I am thinking as well to get a fiio e11 amp with the XBA-30s if I get them.