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Westone UM2 Canal cracked

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Hey Everyone,


I need some advice on how to repair a cracked canal on my Westone UM2's. 


I sent them into Westone and they said they weren't able to repair them (they are out of warranty). They offered to sell me replacement buds at a severe discount. I picked up the W4R's for an amazing price. It looks like they are also sending back my UM2's with the replacement W4R's. If I can get my UM2's fixed they will be perfect for working out and running with. 


Any help or suggestions are very appreciated. 

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Welcome to head-fi
Sorry about your wallet


Cracked canal means damaged balanced armature, so there's nothing you can do . Sell for ~50$ to someone willing to reshell them or fool around. Keep in mind, if Westone didn't fix, others might not be able to do it either.

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