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Good, "cheap" 009 amplifiers

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So, I'm thinking about buying the 009 in a year or two... Something like that: could you please point me some good, under or around USD$2'000.00 electrostatic amplifiers, please. From what I read, the best choice would be a fully upgraded Woo GES (steeped attenuator, better tubes and Teflon capacitors) -- Better than any Stax energizer, for sure, I see most people point. Thanks in advance for all the help!
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They don't exist.

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What about Stax SRM-727? It's set around USD$2'000.00, so it is "cheap" amp (for a 5'000.00 headphone, that is). Read everywhere it's worse than Woo GES, fully upgraded. Have you ever heard them both? I'd really like an opinion, please.
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I can only comment on the 727-11 . Unmodified its not the amp for a 009. An 009 and a tube amp "go together" better.  

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Just get one of the Stax amps, second-hand if necessary.

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You can go to the amazon to read the reviews and get what you want.

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A friend of mine has heard his 009's with the SRM-007t, 717 and 727, and for him his 009's sounded the best with the 727.
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You could always build yourself a KGSSHV.

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So: 727 or GES? Which will actually sound BETTER?
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I would also recommend the SRM-727.

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Also, is 727 Mk II better than 727 Mk I?
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+1 for the GES. Very happy with mine :)

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There's no 727MKII and 727MKI. There's just the 727A (110V) and 727II(220V). 

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In the UK when the 727 came out it did not get a good "welcome" To try to please the "golden ears" the srm-727-11 came out with amended feedback. I have the original box--serial no.D7S-3075.It states=srm-727-11 but the voltage is defined by the original markings on the box=power supply-box100-box117-box220-box230-box240--box-240 is ticked. There is no logical reason if there is not a one or two to include both on the box.. 11-is a label that has been added to the box in black letters on a silver background to differentiate between the two.The main lettering on the box says=srm-727series. I have not come across a 727A in the UK[unless privately imported].although I realise this is the model sold in the US. 

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For listening the SR 009 with amplifiers with similar price, not too expensive:
For classical music (and / or non-dynamic music) and for the beauty of the tones, selected the SRM 007T
For modern music (and / or dynamic music) and the dynamism, selected the SRM 727
For the beauty of the tones, the width of the sound stage and the dynamism, selected the combined Audiovalve RKV + Woo Audio Wee



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