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Headphones help for ~$300

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*Budget: Preferably $300 or less, but open to spend more if necessary.
*Source: iPod, laptop, and desktop.
*Requirements for isolation: None really. Ill be using them mostly in my apartment and for travelling.
*Preferred type of headphone: Full size over the ear and NOT on ear or IEMs.
*Preferred tonal balance: Not sure actually. I listen to mostly hip hop but I'm not really a basshead. Vocals are the most important aspect.
*Past headphones: Sennheiser HD439.
*Preferred music: Hip hop, rock.
*Location: Melbourne, Australia.


Comfort and portability are the two most important factors for me. Ive been very interested in the V-Moda M-100, but the mixed reviews are putting me off. Portability would probably be a 10/10 for the M-100s but many people say its not comfortable over extended periods of time.


Any help is appreciated!

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If the Sennheiser Momentum fits you, that would be a smart choice, if not the PSB M4U1, AKG K550 have natural vocals as well. 


To spend less, the UE6000 are actually excellent for hip hop!


Hope it helps!
Billson :)

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M-100 to me was not only uncomfortable but overrated sound-wise. There's also some durability issues with cracking wings, not good if you're down under.

Ultrasone Pro900 is a good portable solution that hits hard and should be great for your hip hop. Can be found for $250ish, here on the used forum. Look good, comfy.
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Oh boy... here we go again about the M-100...

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