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hello, head-fi!


i'm revault, 15 years old and based in new jersey. i have a growing interest in audio reproduction, and most of what i learned/ am learning is from a friend who spent 50 years in the industry, designing speakers and all sorts of things, although my knowledge is still rough and patchy all over. 


favorite music types include (in no particular order)

  • EDM
  • IDM
  • general electronic
  • breakcore
  • jazz, jazz/funk, funk
  • acid, acid house
  • downtempo
  • hip hop
  • glitch hop


right now i have a setup on the relatively cheap end, including:

  • a harman kardon hk3500 stereo receiver (1990)
  • polk audio T15 bookshelf speakers
  • a very old philips af-777 turntable, from 1979
  • 14 gauge speaker wire, terminated with banana plugs



most of my music is digital, stored on my computer in either FLAC, or high bitrate (320k) MP3s. (considering moving those FLACs to ALAC for my iPod)

i do own a few LPs, and there is a very nice old record store nearby

i also listen to a lot of radio, although it's almost exclusively WBGO 88.3 (anyone in the new york/north jersey are should check it out, great public radio jazz station)


looking foward to maybe getting:

  • JVC HA-RX700 headphones
  • ASUS's xonar dg, or some other decent and cheap soundcard



if i had the licence to call myself an audiophile i would probably lean more towards the subjectivist side


i came to head-fi to learn more about audio things, and all that kind of stuff. i'd like to be able to train my ears to be better at listening, and to understand more of the science behind sound. head-fi definetely seems like a cool place, look foward to spending more time here