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Thanks for the update! The PX95 and PMX95, like the PCX95, also look to be winners. Even though they seem to get little attention compared to their higher end products, Sennheiser has done some good things lately in the portable space. Listening to the excellent MX375 as I type this.
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It's too bad that the MX375 isn't available here in the US even though it's sold in Canada, eh. 3314f109_rage.gif Much better than the MX365, which is just a re-tuned MX360 with a fancy paint job, which in turn is a re-tuned [or rather, de-tuned] MX400/500 in a different housing. Sorry for the rant! tongue.gif
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Well, here goes a double post exactly one month later. redface.gif

I've stated earlier in the thread that I wanted something like the old PX100, but less dark and dull-sounding. After listening to newer Sennheisers like the HD598, the veil of the original generation PX100 became all the more apparent.

So I decided to give the PX95 a shot. I have to say that the sound was exactly what I was looking for and the review here is spot on. The PX95 retains a certain degree of warmth and richness that make the PX100 appealing, but these have much less bass and have a brighter midrange, bringing the frequency response closer to neutral. The soundstage is actually pretty surprising for an on-ear headphone; the PX95's presentation at times reminds me of the bigger HD598. Great stuff! I just hope this model doesn't get overshadowed by the PX100(-II) since these are deserving of attention.

Many thanks jant71 for the suggestion!
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Yep, a nice step towards a less compressed sound. The PX200-II was more appealing to me originally due to the more spacious sound and better mids which these now have. Very important since other phones like my Gigabeat buds and Sleek SA7 LTD. have higher end mids/vocals and things like the AKG K4XX's, Koss 60 Ohm driver, and the older PX90/100/100-II really lacked the ability to have mids that are clean, clear, balanced/non-recessed and also resolve well enough and are placed correctly in the stage. The difference between them seeing some use vs.ending up staying in the drawer. Also important as my PMX95 are big sports/sports talk/podcast phones and there it is all about the announcer/host and vocal performance and even at some bad bitrates you can still hear the difference with PMX 95 opening things up, cleaning up the voices, giving them better dynamics, giving better depth and transparency.

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Thanks a lot for the detailed review. I read it carefully, then made an order, and now I'm a happy owner of PMX95's. :) They sound exactly as I expected; these headphones are a good outdoor/office addition to my HD580's, which I use at home.

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Yes indeed, the PX and PMX 95 should be more popular than they seem to be. The PMX's behind the neck form factor may not be for everyone but that does tend to drive the price down a bit. Always found an ultra-portable always comes in handy and the PMX is very unobtrusive at it's 54 gram weight and doesn't weigh you down but yet sounds quite good and in the same vain as their bigger phones.

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The PX 95 and PMX 95 are criminally underrated. Then again, I tend to like portables that get little attention, while the popular models that I try usually end up being disappointments. I certainly prefer the PX 95 over two certain closed, $200 portables, one of which is from Sennheiser themselves.

Still, I'm surprised those who like the PX 100(-II) haven't given these a shot yet. Maybe they're afraid they just might like these better!

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