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Posted my PCX 95 sonic impressions in post #2. I ended up liking them best with firmer tips unamped for slightly sharper notes. With the stock an amp tightens them up but the will be softer and more smooth. You don't know till you try for yourself but I did try to bring up three fairly well known phones to give some clues to PCX's sound presentation.

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Originally Posted by jant71 View Post

So, the PCX 95 is an energetic phone from top to bottom that has some of the best mids under $100. The Senn trend continues. While this driver has been used a while in the earlier high CX models the mids were only pretty good and usually "V" in the mix except for the 985 which improved the mids quality and brought them nearly close to even(even with the right tips). So the "balls to the wall" bass and treble of previous models is tempered and the mids are almost the star of the show. The lowered mid bass seems to help clear the mids as well as do a stellar job on the bass. The low bass is separated out, the emphasis is mostly on the lowest bass which has longer decay that fills out kick drums nicely. Mid - upper bass notes come from there own space and have there own tone and a tight quick snap and more energy. Quite from one-note bass, especially for $70. The magic of the mid bass continues with separating out guitars, piano, lower vocals etc. and giving them aggression, energy, and/or emotion that other phones don't. The mids are extremely clean, lively, airy, and capable of resolving out vocals, back-ups, and emotion and making them easy to hear.

Good to see that they improved the tuning on the 870/880 series drivers. Part of me wishes that this tuning was available in a more discreet form-factor as opposed to the behind-the-neck style, but this design looks like it'd be pretty comfortable.

Eagerly awaiting more impressions on the rest of the line!
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Damn, I left out "far" in Quite from one note bass" :rolleyes:


You have to think the design helps with the sound by keeping them more shallow. Also, better microphonics and the so easy and quick fit. But lying down is not really do-able. I've used them at night in bed but stomach down only, lol. Maybe a new design later on with a headband that pulls partly off to make them convert into an earhook design.

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I knew what you meant. redface.gif

And I'm just trying to find excuses for me not to buy the PCX95. [Insert preferred deity here] knows that I don't need any more IEMs! It would be nice if these were bedtime friendly, though.
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Yeah but I edited to change how I worded that and was doing other things at the time. Two words, quite and far, and I forgot one of them.:p

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Maybe some comparisons to HD25-1-2, IE8?

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Been a long time since I have heard those. Not worth too much outside of some general idea stuff. But better than nothing.


Using straight out of some sources I found the HD25 a bit bloated needing some more juice so the two 95 cans are more optimized for portable sources. The HD25 aren't gonna beat the PMX 95 for soundstage size(PX 95 clamps more so it will be closer) but properly powered the HD25 separates better. Open vs. closed so totally different uses and I can see having one of each, an HD25 and a PX 95 for times you wanted something smaller and didn't need the isolation. They are bit closer to a little brother than the PX100-II was. The drivers just aren't as good of course.


A simple PCX 95 vs. IE8 would be that the PCX is a bit smaller on the stage and more balanced with less bass. The mids on the PCX should be slightly clearer and the treble a smidge more sparkle. The IE will need less volume to drive and have more treble extension. PCX is capable of some more isolation.


Not much really but maybe something useful :)

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Many thanks Jant71!

Forgot to ask another main question, are PX95(and PXC95) sounds too loud outside? I don't want my music sounds to loud around me.

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The PX and PMX leak, no doubt. Not the worst offenders but the PCX is the one you want if you need to keep your music to yourself.

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Thanks again, Jant71!

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many thanks to Jant71!

I quickly get a pair of PMX 95 after reading this review and I was not disappointed...I was looking for more basic designs that time and it seems this 95's are back into basics design...

I also got the old PX 100's and thinking now if I would like to try the PX 95...i hope the number series is not an indication of a downgrade :-)

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A picture I found of the PX100-II driver. Remember the specs are the same for the new ones.



Don't really have to take a picture of the PX 95 and PMX 95 as there is exactly what you see above. It would seem any change is mostly from the new foam pads and the rear of the housing which is a bunch of holes drilled out and the new mesh fabric on top.

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From my experience, only buy headphones already earn their own fame:)

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Precisely, they seemed to have abandoned what they were doing with the driver in the PX/PMX90 and went back to the tried and true and popular PX100/PX100-II driver. Stick with what works instead of compounding a mistake.

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Finally got my sound impressions of the PX/PMX95 up in post #2. :etysmile:

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