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For Sale: Stax OII MK I & 323s Amplifier Combo

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For Sale:
Stax OII MK I & 323s Amplifier Combo

Will Ship To: CONUS

 Hello Everyone,


I am looking to sell my stax rig.  I am looking for $2500 shipped(paypal fees included) to CONUS.


I have a Stax SR-007BL.  These are the USA edition of the original MKI and were manufactured near the end of the MKI cycle(2007ish).  About a year ago they were sent to Yamas for new pads and a new headband assembly, so these headphones are in amazing condition.


The Stax 323s is also a USA edition and purchased from so there is no need for a step down transformer.  This is also in almost new condition except for one minor blemish near the back of the amp.  I took a picture to highlight the scratch but in person it is much less noticeable because of the mottled gray finish on the amp.


I also have a wood stax stand and an extension cable that will be included in the sale.


Requisite Sob Story:

Back 10 years ago when I got into headphones, the Stax were the holy grail of unobtainium in my book.  I finally got to the point in my life where I could afford them and picked up a pair with the competent 323s amp to hold me over until I could compare the big boys(electra, ll2, bhse)  Unfortunately I was blindsided by the most nefarious devil in the audiophile community, WAF.  In no uncertain terms am I allowed to bring one of those "monstrosities" into our home.  My loss is your gain. :)

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WAF is important for a harmonious life.  I'm single so I can still get toys when I want to.  GL with the sale.  

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