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LCD3 do better in precise of music than LCD2, its more HIFI than LCD2. LCD3’s original headphone cable is lack of HIFI performance. You will find music be too warm and vague. If you want to enjoy symphony, I think you need to change the HP cable. But the original HP cable will be good at pop music, It will show you the soft and beautiful of pop music, this point is important, There are so many upgrade cable for LCD3, but I find barely can they beat original cable in musical. Maybe they emphasized the HIFI performance. Let the sound be more natural and precise, but I think I love the original cable more. With the original cable, I feel the unique beautiful sound of LCD3. Because of the thick ear cup of LCD3, I find the soundstage of LCD3 is huge.

LCD3, like LCD2 is a fantasy headphone, not monitor headphone, the sound of LCD3 is full of emotion.Its high range is dark, mid range is very full, low range is full of power and spring. Put it on my head, I feel music surround me , I never feel tight and sharp. Though it will not give me the clear sound like HP such as HE60, HD800,ED10, so if listen to classic music, I will use German HP. LCD3 is perfect in human voice. It show me the real voice, like silk ,very nature and easily let my tears rolling down. I can feel every little change of singing. If you like human voice, I think LCD3 maybe the greatest HP to show human voice in the world.






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