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I was thinking of buying the Astro A40 for gaming on PS3, currently using Sony Pulse 7.1 but heard the A40s are much better.


My PS3 is connected to Logitech Z5500 via optical. I own the Denon D2000 so I tried plugging those into the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Z5500's control pod but it doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the Sony Pulse for all games EXCEPT Rock Band Blitz, for some reason that game sounds infinitely better on the D2000.


So my question is, as I already own the D2000, should I still buy the A40 and mixamp for the PS3, or should I save my money and buy just the mixamp alone?


Lastly (noob question) if I do buy just the Astro mixamp, how would I set it up so that I can use it with my PS3 and PC? I've got an old Audigy 2 ZS sound card in my PC and the D2000 connects through the Z5500's 3.5mm jack, I'm happy with my current setup but if I'm going to buy an amp for the PS3 I might as well use it on my PC too.