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Audiophile Headphones.

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Since recently, my last Steel Series 5hv2 headset fizzed out on me. I then proceeded to get the ATH-AD700 by Audio Technica, and while I was pleased with them, the ear cups were too large. It got to the point of being at 4 inches in diameter that the ear cups causes pressure on my jaw, giving myself that uncomfortable feeling. Another Con I found about them is that they are not full circumaural. So those were added specs that I would have to keep in mind, because even being as thorough as I was, I missed out on very small details which caused a waste of time. But in the end, it did give me 2 days worth of experience with them, so that added to my knowledge. After more thorough research, I decided for music and gaming alike, mostly geared towards music, that getting a different pair of headphones would do me good. A upgrade if you will again, and I have decided upon the Beyerdynamic AMS-DT-990-Pro-250 ohm headphones, and I was wondering what would be a good Portable/Desktop Amp for under $100? The only reason why I just didn't go with a 32 ohm version is that the price raises from $159 to $379... While I do have a job, I do have a budget as well, but I wanted a quality pair of cans as well. So as stated above, what would be a excellent Portable/Desktop Amp that can provide the power for the 250 ohm version? Oh, another thing to add is that will I need a DAC? Is one necessary or is the amp perfectly fine ATM? In all honesty, I am just worried about not having enough juice to run 250 ohm right off of my computer. I am guessing it could probably only drive them at lower volumes, so I am pretty sure an AMP is a must.

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If you're using this solely on your computer, and you want to be able to power any headphone, and still have the ability to have access to things like surround tech for gaming, then simply get a good soundcard.


Sound Blaster Z


Otherwise, if you want a good basic amplifier for the desktop, look into the Fiio E9.

If you don't care about gaming at all and want a nice USB DAC/AMP that covers everything for listening and will easily take care of those Beyers, the Fiio E10 does that.


Very best,

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Thank You for the reply. Sorry for not making my post more clear. You easily covered it but I could of added what my specifications were. I do a lot of gaming but I do listen to music as well. It may be around 60% gaming and 40% music. I have not looked into Sound Cards recently which considering I do a good amount of gaming, that should of been something I should of looked into. But in regards to that, do you have any specific recommendations for Sound Cards, like a specific model, not just brand? Or just look into anything related to Sound Blaster Z? For everything else, thank you. I shall keep that in mind.

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as Mal recommended get the Sound Blaster Z .. if you want the ACM (Audio Control Module) get the ZX otherwise just get the Z ..

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Alright guys, Thank you for the answers! I appreciate it! I am going to think long and hard about it but based off of those choices, and what I already knew, I will either be going for the Fiio E10 or the Sound Card. Once I figure what I want it for, then Ill buy it. I am planning to order these and have them arrive on Saturday. So I have a few days to think about. Once again, Thank you.

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