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Originally Posted by PurpleAngel View Post

DVI-D "Dual Link"?

yes dvi-d means dual link

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Originally Posted by merigoldsass View Post

yes dvi-d means dual link

There is also DVI-D Single link.

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I'm not sure what happened when you spoke with PNY but HDMI 1.4a not only supports 1440p/1600p but I'm pretty sure it does so at a higher bandwidth than DVI-D.  I game exclusively at 1440p (2560x1440) w/ a GTX 780.


I think you may be confusing the fact that stereoscopic 3D (e.g. nVidia 3D) requires DVI-D (as well as a 120Hz panel, the only 2560x1440 panels of which are overclocked Yamasaki Catleap 2Bs, only available on ebay, and very rare at that).  Your 30" Dell won't OC past around 70Hz if that so you won't be gaming in 3D at 1600p (and neither will any other normal end users, yet, as 30" 120Hz panels are commercially available).


Since you can't game in 3D on your panel, you can use HDMI (with a 1.3 or later cable) to game at 1600p 60Hz (your panel's refresh rate).  It will look exactly the same as it does with DVI-D, so you won't gain anything there outside of (IMO) an easier plug to deal with (I hate screwing "down" the DVI-D posts against gravity but that's just me).


As far as sound, some gfx cards can send audio (passthrough, I think) and video via HDMI, but must be connected to a sound card.  I don't think gtx 780 can do this (may be lewgacy tech, i'm not sure) but I think you may have mentioned your card can.


In any case, why would you want your monitor speakers handling audio?  For multi-channel audio from onboard or sound card, you'll likely use SPDIF (likely through a 3.5mm jack with a clip on adaptor or via coaxial audio cable) but you'll be limited to the lower level DD & DTS codecs as SPDIF doesn't have the bandwidth for DD TrueHD/DTS-MA.  However, with SPDIF or the analog outs from mobo or sound card, you can output (lossless) PCM to 8 speakers for 7.1 multichannel surround.  


My Xonar STX also sends PCM over SPDIF, but I haven't determined if the signal is 6 channel, or eight.  Signal then goes to my Beyerdynamic Headzone (high quality headphone amp/DD & DTS processor) and out a 6.8mm headphone plug to AKG 702 65th Anniversarys.  Great sound.


Hope this helps,



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