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DAC to go with a WES + STAX setup

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I currently use a HeadRoom Ultra Dekstop Amp from my laptop out to my Beyer T1's and also out to my Paradigm MilleniaOne CT desktop speakers.  I normally listen to the speakers but sometimes enjoy really hearing the music with the headphones on.  The HeadRoom has a front switch that lets me choose to leave the desktop speakers on while also listening to the headphones (to give the heart pumping bass feel plus the headphone accuracy) or turn the speakers off to strictly hear the headphones which I use when I want to really crank it and not piss off the neighbor or to answer skype calls for example and not get speaker to mic feedback.


So this setup works really well for me but here comes the catch...  I bought a WA7 to go with my T5p's at work since I have no need for the additional speaker out there and I love the amp tube sound so much I am starting to seriously start considering making the ultimate upgrade at home to a WES + STAX setup.  I know, taking baby steps was never my strong suit.  


My thought would be to use the T1's then at work with my WA7 and the STAX plus WES at home and reserve the T5p's for travel.


The question is what would be the right DAC to drive the WES with?  Also is there a DAC that will give the 2 outputs option that I currently enjoy with the HeadRoom setup with the ability to switch on or off either output or both together and using the same volume knob ?  I don't want to have to switch USB drivers between the two or have 2 DACS since this wouldn't give me the option of both the speakers and the headphones together and would be a hassle for switching between them.  I prefer a simple toggle switch.


I am assuming something with a Sabre DAC is appropriate?  Incidentally the MilleniaOne CT takes 3.5mm input, not RCA but I do already have an adapter.

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Shouldn't this be in the source component section instead of amp section?

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