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KGSSHV 450V Off-Board Heat Sink Build

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The SRM-1/MK2 re-cap was a success, The SRM-717 repair and re-cap went well. The sound I'm getting is amazing but I hear the rabbit hole goes much deeper. It's time for a new project. Something harder.


My objective is to learn more about electronics through these projects. I've chosen to build a KGSSHV because its better than what I have so I'll use it and there are large amounts of information on it. There are easier projects out there that realistically make more sense for my skill level but they don't excite me. This does and that makes all the difference. Please bear with me while I make mistakes that will likely horrify you and ask questions that only a novice would have to ask. 


Here's the plan... 

I'm starting this thread to keep a record of what I'm doing. I plan to write it in such a way that If I'm making or I am about to make a mistake someone can call me on it and so that in the future when some other novice decides that they want to make the same journey they can see what I did from beginning to end along with the mistakes I made and the questions I had. 

I'm going to keep this simple. 63/37 Eutectic solder, standard wire, the same pessante dissapante case everyone else is using, exact recommended capacitor values... In other words. Nothing cute. Not this time. This is the slightly harder but still basic build of the KGSSHV (450V with Off-Board heat sink). 


I have a set of boards that I received from Lil Knight version .6 for both the power supply and the two amp boards.


There are at least two bill of materials sheets running around this is the one I've been able to locate so far. If anyone knows of a better one let me know. 


It is going to be at least a couple weeks before I even order the parts I'm still in the information gathering stage of this exercise and I fully expect this project to last weeks if not months once I do order the parts. There may be times I disappear as well. I'm starting a new company and It gets my attention before anything else so I may still be working on this next year but It will get done. 


Here goes nothing...



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Just make sure you double check against what your board actually needs before making any parts orders. For example, my amp board needed six 175kOhm resistors since I built the 450V version. Also, I'd advise reading that kgsshv thread over on another site.

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I absolutely will do both of those things. Thank you for the advice. 

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Maybe, this thread belongs in the DIY section?

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Quite possibly, I stuck it here because this is where I've found much of the relevant information but If a mod or admin would like to move it then that works too. 

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I'm jealous, you have the version with jumper-able feedback


If you have yet to order parts, consider that there isn't much of an audible difference by using the 500V rails. It does provide you some leeway as far as offset and balance are concerned, but I think a few people have cited more tangible benefit from running lower (standard, 450 or 425?) rails and speccing the amplifier for larger output current. 


Try to grab some A1968's, the IXYS parts aren't stable with respect to temperature and the offset will drift here and there when you're powering everything up


Also get the heatsink/bracket drilling professionally done, along with the front and back panels if cost isn't an issue. The "slightly harder" part results from trying to drill+tap the heatsinks by hand IMO, and was the entirety of my difficulties with this build (also my first).

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no need to go for 1968LS if you don't want to. For stability, it's just fine. The voltage drift is just a little larger than 1968. About 40V difference from startup to completely stable, which takes about 20~30min for the off-board version. You shouldn't have any problem zeroing the offset using precision parts (1% resistors.)  

The stability only becomes a slight problem if you want to turn up the output current say by 30% 50%, but it's still nothing to be concerned about, because offset will still easily stay under any stock STAX amp's.

As for the sound, IIRC Kevin commented that 1968 sounds sweeter than IXYS. You will have to ask KG for the meaning of that. redface.gif

Good luck on the build. If you have problem, I hope you know where to go.

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Another great thread spaceace. I also have a kgsshv board set on order and hope to start the parts ordering in a few weeks.

Looking forward to seeing your meticulous work and excellent photos of the build process.
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Looking forward to watching you progress.   Been enjoying these do it yourself threads since joining Head-Fi .   Trying to get up the courage to build something myself.  Thanks.

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Thanks for the support everyone! 


This thread is going to happen but its going to be a bit further out than I had originally planned. I've been busier than I had originally thought and I haven't had a chance to really even dig into the research which is going to take significant time. As a stop gap project I've ordered a Japaneese 727 and I'm going to spritzer mod it then try to change the voltage to USA standard which should be quick.

If anyone has any interesting thoughts or information on KGSSHV builds please feel free to keep using this thread. It sounds like a great many people want to do this project and every bit of information helps. 

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Good luck on your endeavor! I look forward to some pics and journals of your build!

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I, Spaceace1014, great necromancer, do with a box of parts handed unto me by the legendary courier "Fed Ex" hereby ressurect this thread.


Before I go on and try out a carbon I'm going to actually build this now quite old version of the KGSSHV. I've got most of the parts I need to populate the PSU board barring some that appear to be either out of production or require a mininum order of 5,000 in one case and some of the other little ancillary things like oh you know heatsinks and the like. I'll post some photos and some more information later tonight or perhaps tomorrow.   


I've learned a little more about electronics in the two and  half years since I decided to start this project but I'm still going to need help if you guys are still willing to give it. 


Wish me luck... again. 

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