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For Sale: Beyerdynamic T5p (price drop)

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Beyerdynamic T5p (price drop)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale, my T5p. The reason that I am selling this is because I have T1 for home use and DT1350 & TF10 for portable. T5p is a bit too chunky to carry around.

The headphone are in 8.5/10 Condition. It sounds perfectly fine.

There are two things that bring the condition down to 8.5 is that

1. The headphone jacket has been replacement to a Gold plated straight 3.5mm plug.
2. There is a minor scratch on the right earcup. It is shown on the photo.

Other than those it is just like the headphone that came out from the box.

You can see from the photos.

The orignal outter box is also included.

Buyer pays for the shipping and paypal fees. Any questions are welcome. Thanks.
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Whoa, thats the cheapest price I've ever seen on the T5P! 


If I had the funds freed up I'd be all over this! 







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Thanks Demon, I had to let it go because I am short on money and I've decide to keep my DT1350 just because the size.
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Holy hell...!!

I really want to try these and the price is perfect!!! Lemme see if I can move some things around!

(I just spent $600 pre-ordering the Alpha Dogs!)


If not, GLWS!!!

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This price is dumb. Why isnt this sold yet?

More than half off from retail and like $200 off used.


(lol i get so frustrated when people makes posts like these but couldnt help it) 
Might wanna just hit up ebay with a buy it now price.


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Thanks guys! I do think the price is a bit low but wanted to sell it quick (need the cash) and now its sold :) Thanks.
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