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Fake Beats

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Hello audiophiles! I'm new to this forum. I'm from Venezuela and I wanted to ask you guys some questions:


1.- What do you think on 200$ Beats Pro Detox? I already know they're fake, but I've been using Studios since May 2012 and they work like a Charm. The problem is that I've seen good reviews on the fake Studios and bad ones for the 200/250$ Detox's. A guy is selling me some fake Detox (Used) : http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ve/MLV-410524704-audifonos-beats-pro-detox-dj-cambioporpronormales-registr-_JM and I wonder if it's a good choice buying them. Please be aware that in Venezuela dollar currency is really high, and buying even a pair of Audio-Technica/Senheiser/Beyer's from amazon (If I go back to the states will surely buy one of those) it's really expensive. So what do you guys think?


2.- What do you think on Tron's "Monster" merchandise (T1's and the speaker dock) : Are they good? Because definitely they're nice for me (I'm a huge fan of Tron) and they can be found here in this country.



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Don't buy them. They sound really bad(I had one of those). There are many great headphones for under 100 Us dollars and they even sound a lot better than the beats. If you buy some entry level headphones on amazon you can spend a little bit more bringing them to Venezuela. I know that it is very expensive (I am from Costa Rica), but don't let them fool you, they are really bad. I will give you some examples but for choosing the best ones for you I need to know which music do you listen too.
Audio Techica m50
Philips uptown
Shure srh440
Grado sr 80i
V Moda crossfade lp
Pioneer SEA100
and many many more.
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Thanks for your advice! I have over 30k songs, so I listen to different music genres. The ones I listen to more are Alternative, EDM, Pop, & R&B.
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For the music you like it will be good getting a headphone with great treble. Some recommendations are:

Sony MDR-V6

V-Moda Crossfade LP

Sennheiser HD-558

Audio Technica ATH-M50S

Philips Citiscape Uptown

AKG K167

Pioneer HDJ-1000K

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If you don't need bass get a Pioneer SE A1000. If you want bass at all costs then get a HD 518 or HD 439.
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I second the hd 439, but for a different reason, my reason is that they become extremely good values after modding them

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