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Kickstarter: Headset without Speakers

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Just came across this.


I have no idea if this works as advertised. Thought you guys might find it interesting and have a better idea about its technical feasibility and sound quality.

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I also saw this and became curious.  I can't imagine it will sound GREAT in a loud environment, but better than nothing if you don't want to be fully isolated.  I'm also not sure how good it would sound for music even in a quiet environment as a music device.


The last time I had IEM impressions done, the audiologist did two hearing tests, the second with a bone conducting setup (can't remember what she called it).  It was quite a surreal experience.  You could hear all of the tones and her voice quiet clearly and "inside your head."  There was no way to place the sound in space, you just heard it.  Since then, I've been trying to find a decent bone conducting headset for phone/HAM radio.  This might be a decent option.  


The main concerns I'd have is that since it's on Kickstarter - what are the chances it will a) actually ship and b) be a good/well built product if/when it does.  Third would be sound quality.

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This would be the closest thing to in-ears I'd actually wear, if the sound quality is acceptable.

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Its seriously disturbing/sad to see almost no response to this thread

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