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I am a bit of a fishing enthusiast, I haven't been able to fish much this year though that hasn't stopped me from building up my arsenal. These are most of my recent reel purchases only, not including the mountain of lures I have amassed, or any of the mid to high end rods I own.


If it takes off I will include some more pics but for now I will just post a picture of some of my favorite reels. 

Up front is the legendary Shimano Calcutta 50-Original model with 84mm De-anodized handle. Fully upgraded to 5 Abec 9 ceramic bearings.


To the Left is a Daiwa HSTA 153 Supertuned bone stock from Daiwa.


Farthest Left is a Custom Painted Shimano Citica 200E. Inside is a Curado 7-1 gear set, and ceramic bearings. Working on finding a new handle for it. I took it apart and airbrushed it myself.


Top right is an Okuma Trio spinning reel. Kind of pedestrian compared to the others.


Top left is a Shimano Stradic 3000FJ. Probably my favorite spinning reel of all time. 


So yeah, those are some reels, for fishing. If you enjoy the finer things in fishing be sure to post any gear you wish.

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