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Oooops. i misread the request. here is a comparison between the connectors and an old nokia charger for nokia c6.

it's almost the same in diameter, i tried fitting the charger into the bi3 and it fits!

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Yeah, that helps though I was pretty certain. Trying to match my Sleek Audio for extra cables. Someone already talked about using the Nokia connectors in making a back up cable for their Sleek earphones. So, that pic would confirm a match.


If anyone wants to trade their BI3 let me know. I'll try a trade first, then maybe buy one. If I had to buy I was thinking of buying the Moxpad X3 instead of the Blox unless the BI3 was a better price. Again, if anyone wants to let go of a pair, shoot me a PM.

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that moxpad looks interesting. it looks more comfortable too! I almost never use my BI3, but i have never tried trading before, specially international. if i'm buying an iem today and i have the money i would buy that instead. if you want the bi3 you might want to check audiomaster ai-c2 from for half the price, if you can buy from there. i think they are practically the same, even the box.

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For those having comfort issues and having a hard time making it stay on their ears I suggest you remove the memory wire with a cutter and put the right earpiece into the left cable and vise versa. it's more comfortable and it will stay on your ears unless you intentionally remove it :)

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