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This is a little late, but CamelBackCinema was great to deal with.

He purchased both my CD3K's and Perreaux amp.

-Prompt payment
-Prompt responses to questions
-Very friendly and flexible to the whole situation.

The whole ball o wax. Much recommended.
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Min was very polite and friendly. He sold me a Perreaux amp at a very fair price given the recent change in U.S. list price. It arrived in excellent condition a week after he received my money order. He was a bit slow to respond to a pm since he was working double shifts but I am quite satisfied with the outcome.
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I just received a Zu cable I bought from him (thanks, CBC), and I have no complaints at all.
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sold my e5c's to camel...

camel's a real nice guy.

always polite, fast responses to pm's and instantaneous payment thru paypal. thanks buddy.

enjoy your e5c's!
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I have just bought a pair of Shure E5cs from Min and the transaction was great. This was a transatlantic deal which is always more complex due to the payment and shipping and so takes much longer to complete. Because of this you need someone who is patient, flexible and communicates well. Min is all of these and I would recommend him to any other hi-fier wherever they are in the world.
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Got a pair of MS-1's from CamelBackCinema, great communication the whole way through and great to deal with, highly recommended .
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Min, is a very easy person to deal with. Honesty is very important, and Min gave me the confidence I needed. Thanks for the very prompt payment, and I hope we can do business in the future! Thanks again!
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bought The Office dvd set from Min, pleasure to do buisness with. thanks again.
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Wonderfully pleasant transaction with Min -- I sold him a pair of RS-1's and headphile c-pads. Communication was flawless and payment lightning quick. Couldn't ask for an easier transaction -- I hope to deal with him again in the future.
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Ipod + ER4

Min was a very nice seller, it was great to deal with him
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I bought his Cpads, he's a good seller.
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One of the best head-fi sellers out there. Very courteous and answered questions quickly and efficiently. I bought a macbook from Camelbackcinema and the computer came to me as described, packed and shipped carefully. Min asnwered all my questions and made sure that I was happy with what I was getting. Even after he forgot to send the remote, Min shipped me the remote after the sale was completed. Very honest seller, and would not hesitate to do business with again!
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This is very late but I bought a Shure SE530PTH from Min and everything went as smooth as possible. Was prompt with replies and shipped on time and the package was as described. It was the the first time I bought anything on this forum so I was a bit nervous. I would not hesitate to deal with him again if I have the chance.
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He was great to interact with. Bought a pair of IE8s in great condition and I got them quickly. No fuss no muss and whatnot
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