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Denon AH2000...Hen's teeth

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Hi There,

new to the board so hello!

 I hope to get some of these to produce music with.

After seeing Dave Rat's youtube video and looking on forums like this and GS it looks like these are the ones to get.

Unfortunately they don't make them anymore, have Denon made and equivalent?

I have researched for hours and cannot find any new old stock went to HMV which they sold a bunch with no luck.


It seems that they haven't apart from the DT1350 which look awful like an old man's Jaguar. are they any good? maybe I could be swayed if they were great!

I am in the UK and there are a few going on ebay one brand new sealed at £360!!!

are they worth it for that or should I look elsewhere

also in the bracket are

Senn HD650 but build quality doesn't look good

Beyerdynamic 880 pro or AKG 702


I am after a neutral headphone I currently am using Senn HD25II 


any thoughts would be great

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Whilst the D2000s are a great headphone, they are nowhere near neutral! They basically have the 'fun' v-shaped sound of most consumer headphones, but take it to hifi levels of refinement. I wouldn't produce music with them, they''re far too bass heavy.

Out of the phones you list, the DT880s or 702s are probably the most neutral (I can certainly vouch for the DT880s)

Don't discount the HD650s on build quality - they are very well made, robust and almost every part is replaceable. Probably the best of the bunch in this respect.
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Never saw those threads on GS or youtube clips but It happens that I own Denon and AKG. From my perspective using Denon in studio would be a total miss. Main faults are; overblown, slow bass, sucked in midrange and tucked in highs. Their bright signature and fairly good detail retrieval can fool you at first but in head to head battle with AKG it is evident, part of the highs extension is missing and AKG is less bright than Denon. I like the 'phone it is kinda fun to listen but I would not use it even for beatmatching and surely not in production of any kind.


If you can buy powered monitors that would be a real deal and if that is not an option then you should choose btw Beyer and AKG.

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hey Thanks for the info.


(I got the denon model wrong it was the AH71000) got confused with Beyer DT1350



I currently own a pair of Genelecs 1029A minus the sub as I am told it inflates the bass too much giving you a mix lacking in low end.

I am currently in in temporary accommodation so would like to get something to tie me over.

Also I have plans to treat the room I will be moving too it would be nice to have them in the new set up.

which model of the 


the dave rat videos tests out dozens of cans and they came out top with no distortion at 40hz to be fair he is judging them as a live headphone I guess for mixing at concerts but he is pretty thorough.


Which beyer/AKG model would you recommend? 


I am looking for a neutral headphone to pick out defects not for pleasure. 

P.S I make electronic music so no live instrumentation.

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Akg k702 could be one of your choices. It will dig into your music and you'll definitely know what is going on in the mix. Since you are making electronic music you will surely "fall" in bass extension/quantity hole, is it enough and how it will translate on other setups ( since there are too many negative comments around here ).


If you go the Akg path , my advice is not be confused with multiple models of k70x series, get the cheapest and buy additionally Akg k702 65th anniversary pads which will bring the bass a little, make the sound a bit forward. Since you are doing electronic music these slight changes will be helpful. Save you time reading numerous threads and skip to music making&enjoying the sound.

( Regarding amplification, for start I think art headphone amp will be more than enough )


I did not had a chance to listen Beyers, but 880 series have a good value and nice flat sound FWIR.

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