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K701 headband mod

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This mod replaces the K701 headband (those annoying bumps) with a bumpless headband from K601 for added comfort.


Rodriguez, Frank <>


K601 headband part number:

2458M98010     $87.85


It includes everything you see in the image below

Locate the transparent plastic


Behind it you'll see that the transparent plastic is fastened into the white plastic glider. Press against either side to pop the transparent plastic off the glider.


Next we remove the CE button. This button is held in place via friction so there's no locking mechanism. All you do is pull it out. See where I have the flat-head screwdriver inserted? That is where it is to be inserted. Get two flat-head screwdrivers and insert them on opposite ends of each other and pry the CE button out. Go all around.


This is what it looks like. The white CE knob is fixed into the silver knob via friction.


Now the silver locking knob is exposed after removing the CE button. Push it out with force. The locking mechanism (the 4 corners you see in the image below) isn't all that strong because the grips are small (see image above), but if it doesn't budge, gently nudge the 4 locks inwards. WARNING: Don't push it in too far! They're made of plastic and you can break it if you apply too much stress. Pushing it out is safer.


Free the K701 headband from the headphones. Repeat the same steps for the K601 headband. Remove the locking and CE knobs as well as the black plastic thing.

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It is time to reassemble everything back with the K601 headband into the K701. Reassembling it back is the hardest part of the process for me (it took me hours).


Slide the transparent plastic on one side into the glider and press the other side into the glider. It should snap into place.


Widen the silver locking knob by pushing the 4 corners outwards, but not too much stress. You want to do this to allow the CE button to be fitted into the locking knob. Otherwise you'd spend hours trying to press it in as the CE button refuses to fit into the narrow opening of the locking knob.


Silver locking knob is inserted into the rubber faux-brushed aluminum (AKG logo is right-side up) strip. Press it into the white plastic hole; make sure it is perfectly aligned and all the way in.


Now for THE most difficult modding process; getting the CE knob back into the locking knob. It sounds easy, but it's not. YMMV


Align the transparent plastic to the hole. Apply a ton of pressure to the CE button to get it into the locking knob while ensuring it stays center-aligned. If it is not going in, then you'll have to stretch the 4 locking mechanism outwards some more. The idea behind it is so the locking knob is wide enough to accept the CE knob. Make sure you do not accidently push the silver locking knob out. If it's stubborn  then try placing it against the floor or hard surface while pushing the CE button in.


Repeat above steps for the other side.


Enjoy your bumpless headband!

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nice mod, but the price for the headband is outrageous. 

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i think akg should recall those with bumpy headbands or at least give discount for the 601 headband to k701/702 owners. 

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Nice mod, kind of want to try it as well, but god damn that price, are you willing to sell yours?

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