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$20 IEM's Recommendations

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Hey there!


I am looking for a decent pair of IEM's. I used Apple Standard Earphones and the ones included with My Samsung Galaxy S II but the built quality is crap. Cable problems all the time. 


So I thought I'd buy something a bit more decent. 


-$20 or less.

-Good build quality is a must. Cable must be sturdy.

- I listen to Metal mostly, but I also listen to Pink Floyd and Buckethead alot.

- And as for electronic music, I mostly listen to chillstep and downtempo music. I listen to Psy Trance occasionally.


I think that's it as long as they have good sound quality for the genres I mentioned and obviously good sound quality. 

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Quadbeats sound good for you which can be bought for around $21 on a prettybay. They have good depth and a pretty wide soundstage. But, they might be lacking in ba amd fullss. It's more punchy than heavy full.
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I just got some NuForce NE-600x for around $20 on Amazon. I'm very pleased with them for the price. They have a good soundstage for IEMs at this price level, and the bass is very full without being overly muddy. The highs are a bit recessed. The build quality is great, much more solid than any Sony IEM I've had, even ones costing 3x as much. They have a flat cable that resists tangling and feels very secure, and the junctions where the cable meets the jack and the earpieces are sturdy. 

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I would get the  NuForce NE-600x but they are a bit over my price range as I need them shipped to Malta from eBay. 

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I'm going for the JVC HAFX1X, They seem sturdy and tick all my specifics. Thanks

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A little more say

35 bucks....soundMAGIC E10   great for METAL

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Originally Posted by Tanjent View Post

A little more say

35 bucks....soundMAGIC E10   great for METAL

Thanks, but I just bought some games lately so I dont want to push my budget. They look very sturdy. I'd rather go with them.

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perhaps the king of budget iems? philips she 3590? ...

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^^^^ Great choice also balanced sound....warm.... good for metal
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Philips SHE 3590 or HAFX1X ?


I heard positive on both. 

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Read some reviews and choose which sound you want.... Philips is cheaper....smaller casing
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Entry level UE or Audiofly
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Any other specific models?  From other reviews, I see that they are focus on bass which makes metal and rock sound a bit less better.


I listen to Metal and Rock mostly but I listen to Chillstep and Psy Trance aswell.

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Definitely go with Philips 3590, it has an amazing bass:



Can be had for 12$ on Ebay or 8$ on Amazon:




You must use the double flange Meelec/Brainwavz tips with it, otherwise you'll be missing a lot.


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