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Cmoy pot Ω value - Page 2

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I don't see any specific problems. On the other hand, you have a bit of a rat's nest there, which makes it difficult to trace whether things are going.


I suggest printing a copy of the schematic, then take a continuity meter and ensure that everything that should be connected together, is.


Once that's achieved, you have the much tougher inverse task: making sure things that shouldn't be connected aren't. It's tougher partly because it's impossible to prove a negative, and because you've used uninsulated wire, greatly increasing the chance of unintended shorts.

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So, I should go through all the test from the Assembling the Amplifier page and make sure I get everything correct.

Does that means replacing all jumpers into insulated wires can eliminate a false factor?

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The bare wires can work. You just have to be careful that they're not touching when they shouldn't.

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