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For anyone interested, and also to clear questyles north america's name.  I think I figured out why I was hearing the channel imbalance at low volumes but not high volumes.  Really stupid really.  The new amp is from a different product run and the volume knobs do not line up completely.  So what I thought was 1/4 way on the knob was actually less than that on the new amp vs the old one.  Which explains why I heard the imbalance at low volumes, but as I turned it up, the imbalance went away.  DUH. 


For those with dual monos, I added a tripp lite UPS the other day and it seems to have made a very positive impact.  Especially noticeable to me when running my modded HE-6's (grill, fuzzor, vegan pads).  First time I listened to them with the UPS added, I immediately noticed that soundstage was very holographic, 3D.  Bass also seemed improved.  I brought the UPS because I thought my system seemed to sound slightly better at night but its made a significant difference.  As always YMMV, etc. 

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A UPS or a Power re conditioner?  How can a UPS improve SQ, it does nothing to the power - or does it?  It's there to protect your gear from power outages. 

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Its a UPS.  I was searching for reviews on Tripp Lite power isolators when I ran across this thread from 2006: http://www.head-fi.org/t/208105/opinions-on-tripp-lite-products-please/30.  I decided to try a UPS due to the fact I thought my system sounded slightly better at night - when less appliances were used.  Switching between the two (amps connected straight to a separate power strip vs connected directly to the UPS) I feel that the bass hits a little harder and is a little tighter.  Not gigantic differences but it's there.  It may be that the power to my house is unstable, which the battery powered unit helps with. 

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I guess it depends on the device in question and what exactly it does. Is it pure sine wave output? Power regeneration? Voltage regulation? Balanced power? There are many schools of thought on the matter.


The other aspect is your own home power, which may be better or worse than someone else on this forum using the exact same audio equipment. In my personal opinion, this is a big factor in explaining why some of us have great results with this or that power conditioner device, while others don't notice a difference at all. 


I've owned quite a few power conditioners from tweaky "audiophile" stuff to more traditional designs. Ended up settling on an APC S15 and couldn't be more pleased. I thought the PS Audio Power Plant models were quite good but they proved very unreliable over the years. 

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