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Originally Posted by dukeskd View Post

You guys are really tempting me to withdraw my for sale classified and open the box to try these babies out :ph34r:


I would.  I would say most that have heard them love them.

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Originally Posted by useitifuhaveit View Post

Or sell it to someone who will use it daily with a big smile on his or her face,
For example to me...but at a discount.
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Originally Posted by Mimouille View Post

For example to me...but at a discount.
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anyone use the 846 for classical? is it too bass heavy? not straight enough?

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Does anybody knows where I can buy extra large foam Shure tips which came with the 846 package?

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Originally Posted by vladzakhar View Post

Does anybody knows where I can buy extra large foam Shure tips which came with the 846 package?

Here you go: http://shop-us.shure.com/p/black-foam-sleeves-large?pp=12
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Originally Posted by truckdriver View Post


Yeah, I hope I don't need a 3rd 846 either, because that would be disillusioning.


I was listening (just now) to the song by Kevon Edmonds (that I posted earlier) on the Note 3 (using Poweramp and no V4A) and it sounds like normal bass with only a little (itty) bit of the deep part with no rumbling. It is ever so slight. It was funny yesterday, because on the S2 (with V4A up +8db at 40hz**) that deep rumbling was some kind of loud and scared me. I jumped and was looking around because I thought something was happening exterior to the earphones. The difference between the Note 3 and S2 (with V4A) is crazy. Now I think Poweramp is expendable. I'm going to try out other software players and see if this mega-bass is still present on the S2. And the clarity difference is readily apparent.


**I thought +8 db at 40hz didn't do much because it didn't seem to drag up any other range of bass. I listened to song after song before one came in that took advantage of the setting.

Has that anomaly occurred again?   


So, I got my replacement 846s today.  The plane from Indy was late coming in so I had to drive out to the FedEx depot.  I guess I wanted 'em bad.  Poor me.


I've been hammering them with the tracks that previously instigated the buzz and thus far they're clean, fingers crossed.  I'm also perceiving an improvement in soundstage, which may be completely false, but I like it anyway.


One thing I noticed on Amazon was that they pulled their own listing for them.  There's a message, "customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it's described here".  I was lucky enough to get the last pair that was a seller that was fulfilled by Amazon and Prime-eligible.  

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I've had the JVC FXZ200 for a while now...how does this compare? I know it is a step-up, but how does the bass and overall sound compare? Any detailed comparisons??? Thanks!

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Originally Posted by fonsecaj View Post

I had to send back my 846s due to a defect and was wondering if anyone else had the same issue.


In the right earphone only, I'd get an intermittent buzzing noise.  It seemed like a sympathetic vibration and not noise/hum or actual distortion of the signal.

I tried different cables and filters, and reseating the filters to no avail.  When it was doing it, I could make it repeat with certain tracks that seemed to have the program material in the right range.  Then for no reason it'd stop happening and those same tracks would play clean.


 I've been using them for 2 weeks and have REALLY enjoyed them and if they were $500 I'd probably just stick with them and put up with the buzzing.  For a grand they should be perfect (at least build-wise).


I called Shure USA and logged the problem and returned them to Amazon today.  Sad to see them go and looking forward to getting the replacements hopefully soon.  The batch was from the end of November.


I'd seen someone else on Amazon that had the same exact problem, but I don't recall any mention of it here.

yep, same exact problem on a 12/2013 build...bought through Amazon's vendor system and were delivered last week. Right side bud has buzzing noise at lowish volume at any vibratory signal (bass guitar for example). Sent them back to Sam Ash for a replacement. The loudest example was on the Dave Mathews song "Crush"....first few seconds are very demonstrative of the buzzing. If you turn it up louder, it went away. I changed the filters and got no improvement. There were others earlier in this thread who had the same buzzing in the right bud! I hope shure is paying attention....


BTW, that was my review on amazon that mentions the buzzing! I had to take a star away for it....

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My music preference is EDM and 846s are the best for it. I tried to listen to rock (Pink Floyd) and didn't like it at all. Maybe Roxannes which coming next week  will do better for the other genres.

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Anybody able to compare SE846 with UERM? I currently own UERMs, but searching for some equal sounding (neutral) universals.. Any tips?

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I don't know if I would describe these as "neutral".  To me that sounds like it would be slightly colder/analytical.  The word I best like to use to describe these is full and balanced, if that helps at all.  I have not heard the UERM, so I have no basis for comparison, but they beat my UE900's hands down.

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I use Shure SE530 for many years with a 6th generation Ipod Classic (160GB), and after reading all the great feedback about the SE 846, I'm very excited and thinking of upgrading to the 846.


My question is - while using the ipod classic - what should I expect?

Will the difference between the se530 and the se846 still be so profound?

(Due to impedance issues etc.) - I'm wondering if all the good stuff that I read about the SE846 will be relevant in my case...


Does anyone have an experience with it, or thoughts to share?


(I Listen to Blues, Jazz, Led-zeppelin etc. and alternative rock - mostly in Mp3 128kbps or AAC)

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That's a crime to listen 128 kbps with Shure846.
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And another question to ask may be whether upgrading the source or getting an amp to pair with the iPod would provide the greater benefit with the 846. 

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