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Originally Posted by kayandjohn View Post

My response was presented in admiration of your post, not in denigration of it. However, the facial expressions that communicate good rather than bad just don't seem to make it through the keyboard.... Sorry!


LOL my mistake!! It was one of those cases where I was going "okay, this is either sarcasm or really playful agreement" and because it's the internet and I'm an idiot I opted for the former rather than the latter.


Not your fault, totally on my end! 

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Originally Posted by rudi0504 View Post

I am sorry I can not write very good words , I can write only short impression what I heard and what I feel biggrin.gif

Sorry? Rudi for what?  That was Exxelent !!! Seriously I loved it. Kudos  🎆🎇

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Originally Posted by Monty Burns View Post

Sorry? Rudi for what?  That was Exxelent !!! Seriously I loved it. Kudos  🎆🎇

Thank you Monty Burns biggrin.gif
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That's my favorite kind of IEM review/comparison. Just a quick down the line explanation of everything, and that told me that I wouldn't want the Roxanne. I don't need more bass and I certainly don't want a concert hall soundstage. 

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Reviews are dangerous. They are what makes me buy things. Like Monty's review of the the 8s (or 846 for those who prefer it) is what really sold me on the purchase.

Basically I need to stick with reviews that say "don't buy these if you have the 846 as they are all you'll ever need and are sonic Bliss and amazing and cute. 846 master race cult go team".

Otherwise I'll end up having no money :P
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Like I've said elsewhere, at the level of these headphones, each one is going to do exactly what it wants and do it almost perfectly. The question is what you want out of a headphone. 


I like bassy, non-fatiguing headphones that make you feel like you're standing directly in front of the stage. Bam. SE846. If I had other needs there'd be another pair, I'm sure. 

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Something about the design of these makes them seem like little pieces of intricate jewelry that produce lovely sound. So I like that. The build quality is superb too

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While I am pleased to report my SCS have cleared Chicagoland,as evidenced by this message I received from USPS and confirmed as authentic by Meat Puppet Operatives


"Your item was processed through our ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) facility on June 27, 2014 at 3:28 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination."


With that I have also received incontrovertible proof that Sensaphonics was wise to surreptitiously slip them out of Chicago via USPS (right under their ape noses).


This Footage that has come to me at great personal risk to members of  The Legion of Meat Puppets stationed in Chicago and Meat Puppet Operatives inside the USPS. It was captured by surveillance cameras at the outer defense perimeter of USPS Sort Facility - (ISC) Chicago IL . five hours AFTER my SCS had cleared the facility.


I am happy to report that the perimeter was never breached and the incident has been buried by the hapless government and a complicate media.


The Apes are getting bolder. No doubt because they know the AI has awoken


Fair warning this footage is hard to watch. But remember no SHURE product of SCS were harmed. MY SCS are safe and well clear of imminent danger....


... Behold the face of the enemy of music and innovation (No it is not Beats or Apple though I suspect they are Fifth Column fronts for it)



Edited by Monty Burns - 6/28/14 at 3:11pm
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Originally Posted by rudi0504 View Post

Thank you brother Audiowood
Can you please share the pictures from the pelican case ?

SE 846 is as Warm sounding iem For my taste

Source : AK 240
Iem : Shure SE 846
Jh Roxanne With bass setting at 9 O clock = Zero DB

High :
Jh Roxanne : more extended High than SE 846
SE 846 : High is on The right track

Mid :
Jh Roxanne : has better clarity , but not as sweet as SE 846
SE 846 : mid is The strong Point very sweet ,but less clarity compare to JH Roxanne

Bass :
Jh Roxanne : bass is not so Clear as SE 846 , but more bass volume
SE 846 : is very Good In detail and better bass presentation

Separation :
Jh Roxanne : has better music separation
SE 846 : Slightly behind jh Roxanne

Soundstage :
Jh Roxanne : has wider and deeper soundstage like big concert hall
SE 846 : less Wide abd Deep like In small concert hall

Overall :
Jh Roxanne : is source revealing
SE 846 : is more Easy to Enjoy

These Two as direct use from Ipod , AK 100,120 abd 240 , HDP R10
Sound quality very Good , to My taste as Warm sounding iems
Best dap For these Two iems is : AK 240

I prefer use With external amp like :
Ko Jo km 01
Fostex HP V1
Can improve their potential character , High more presence , mid has better pronounce
Bass has better definition and improve The clarity as well , sound is Fuller now


Rudi, excellent review it seems like a similar comparison I did between the W60 and the 8s. Greater treble, clarity and wider soundstage for the loss of the sweet midrange, bass clarity and dynamics and "Easy to Enjoy".
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No problem... I *really* enjoy nearly all of your posts and look for them!

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If anyone wants to hear that SHURE "House Sound" that puts the oomph and fun back into music. Coupled with the 8s putting you right in the front row where you can see the musicians sweat...


... Pop on some Earth Wind And Fire (1970's ET&F) of for Live Squeeze Round About (live). mix in a spash of summer....SHURE House Sound. Don't forget to leave room for Aretha cause you got show some Respect


When the SCS come back I will be in the "House" for the next 45 days.  .. then food then right back


Off for fun.



Drink this and you'll grow wings on your feet

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Thank you rudi for the comparison.  Clean and direct to the point comparison. I am still comtemplating on Roxanne custom as i fear it may be too dark as compared to white filter on se846. Anyhow Shure should include the pelican case for all edition, not sure why they have 2 packaging..


When u get a chance on the white filter,  do share your impression on which is brighter or are they the same.tha ks again Rudi. 

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The filters change the flavour balance whilst overall signature remains but the SE846 in itself does not exhibit any brightness to these ears regardless of filter or tips.
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All the white "bright" tips do is give them a boost from 1-8KHz, which isn't going to give them an overall "bright" sound, just help add some sharpness to the treble. 

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Here is supposedly a graph of the effects of each filter.
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