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Just got my pair of 846 today.

I know lots of people have said this before, but I have to say it myself that they worth every penny!

The 846's perform on a whole nother level than the 535 and UE900 that I have.

Sadly they pick up minor hiss from my Resonessence Labs HERUS.

Can't upload image to head-fi since I'm a junior member, but here's a picture that I took.

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Dayamn! I have just downloaded the Can Opener app and apparently the volume at which I most enjoy listening to music is at 86d. Sometimes I go louder. This is worrying. Sometimes my ears felt fatigued after extended listening sessions with the IE800s, not so much with these though.

I really should have worn protection at the show I attended last night too. As I have mentioned I am legally blind hence I really do need to look after my hearing a lot better !

Edit: Hope you enjoy RexxarCHL! smily_headphones1.gif. I know I have mentioned Wintersun before... I am currently listening, nay experiencing it! Shivers and jaw is on the floor !

If I had been given the chance to audition both these and the IE800s at Jaben back in December (they didn't receive the 846s until January following incremental delays), I would have used Time as an acid test. On the strength of this masterfully complex recording I would have pulled the trigger on the Shures without any shadow of a doubt.
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my 846 white filter is running tho line out to zoe2 to dx50 , this sounds no where near as good  as dx50  heaphone out to black filter but the bass is fun to play with.. trouble is the headphone jack gave away on the player . a fortnight later i have another 500 to spend on upgrades what do you recommend i do? all options are open ie meir audio or other amp around 400 dollars , balanced i basso/rsa amp and cable next fortnight , dx90 or fiio x5 my local stor stocks everything any one who has done comparisons on any of these

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To each their own.  Comply for life here =)

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Is the Ipod 5.5g with Rockbox and flac files a decent enough source for the SE846s? I'm about about to pick up a pair, but this is all I have right now.

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Originally Posted by Solude View Post

To each their own.  Comply for life here =)

The more I alternate between tips, the more I'm finding that there is no "best" fit for me. I've tried the yellow sleeves, the foams and the Westone star tips and they're all good - providing the size is right. I don't really have a favourite tip. The only one I really can't stand is the triple flange.

Have you got a DX90 yet?
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DX90 is off my short list.  More than likely going to the AK240 now that I have a contact in AK should I need service.

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If the UK price had roughly corresponded to the price in US dollars then it might have been top of my list too. £2400 is just silly though. Then you'd have to factor in the cost of a balanced cable and of course when you own a DAP of that calibre then IEMs alone aren't going to be enough :-)

Bet it sounds awesome though.
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Originally Posted by Tony1110 View Post

Then you'd have to factor in the cost of a balanced cable and of course when you own a DAP of that calibre then IEMs alone aren't going to be enough :-)


Cable, yes. Go back to full sized cans, never again =)

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disregard i read the reviews for dx90 one of them answered all my questions looks like it might sound pretty sweet

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Me neither. I can justify the cost of IEMs because I use them all the time and am not constrained by having all my equipment in one place. I'll not say they sound better but I do find them more impressive.
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Another big plus for me is I can listen to media with one ear open while the kids are still running about.  With my full sized cans that just wasn't possible and frankly current open headphones are more speaker than headphone.  If one of the reasons you buy headphones is to not bother others, then something like my previous LCD-3 is pointless.  I might as well have been using my Dynaudio monitors /facepalm

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I find Comply foamies to be awful, just awful. Not an indichtment, just my experience with them

Horses for courses I guess. I find the Comply foam the best and have found nothing that compares. We all have different shapes and sizes of ears I guess.
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I have had my 846 since xmas day 2013 so am pretty familiar with them by know.
I use a double helix silver cable with them.
After almost five months I remain enchanted with them and always choose them over my alternatives of
Sennheiser IE800
Sennheiser HD800
Grado PS1000.

There really is something special about these iem's.
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I lost my SE846's on a flight (they were stolen, together with my iPad. I don't think the bugger understood that the phones he got were worth more than the iPad!!).


Anyway, surveyed the landscape (it's been 8 months since I started this thread), and tried the new FOTMs- including some of the much-hyped hybrids.


In the end, the ability to change filters, the comfort, the build quality, and well, that awesome sound brought me right back where I started- a new pair of Shure SE846s. Again.


I'm gonna spend a bit more time with the white filter this time. I used the blue filter pretty much exclusively the first time around, and this time out of curiosity am trying the white. Surprisingly, the quality of the bass is still obvious, but much less enveloping. Mids are lush as ever. May make a good configuration for non-music use (eg. playing games, watching movies, etc).

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