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Upgrading to V-Moda M100

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I am going to college this fall for a major in informatics and I'm looking to upgrade to some headphones for around $300. I will be sitting on my computer for hours at a time, but I will also be on the go quite a bit. I'm looking for something that will be comfortable for an extended amount of time, and also fairly portable, although the main quality I'm looking at is sound. I have a Fiio e6 amp that I use with my ath-m50's so I will need something that is relatively easy to drive. Right now I'm looking at V-Moda M100, AKG K550, Sennheiser Momentum, and Denon AH d600. Any other suggestions?
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I have the v moda m100 and love them. They are extremely portable and very comfortable for me, although I have heard it can be somewhat uncomfortable if you have larger ears. As for being easy to drive, I don't know because I've found that they still sound great without an amp. If you like deep, great bass along with awesome highs and good mids, then you will love the v modas.

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You could try them out at big best buys or other stores. See which is best. Or buy and return to amazon a couple of times
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Get the M100's then go to bestbuy magnolia, they have K550's, Momentums and D600's

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Originally Posted by ScaryFatKidGT View Post

Get the M100's then go to bestbuy magnolia, they have K550's, Momentums and D600's

This is a good plan, and I can tell you that the comfort issue with the M-100 is really overrated.  Try to see if you can test the Moementum and get comfortable, and if that works for you, then you will have no problem with the M-100.  If you want to keep your budget low, then the Sony MDR-1R is a good alternative at only $200.  However, if you do decide to get the M-100, then I strongly suggest you get the BoomPro Mic with it for Skype and games.

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I have the K550s. Excellent sounding headphones, but given that the fit is finicky, not a good choice for portables if you want to wear them while moving around. I would eliminate them from your list.
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