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Renamed: I'm buying the DT1350, and I just bought an E07k.

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Hi - new member hear!  (see what I did there...)


I'm looking to get my first "proper" pair of headphones; I've been using Technics RP-F290 at home (about 15 years old!), and Sennheiser PX-200 (the original ones, ~7 years old) at work - both are alright, the Technics sound quite a lot better than the very portable PX-200 but both have been alright for the last few years.


Anyway, I've decided it's time I got some proper headphones. I started out looking at the Bose QuietComfort 15 which I saw at the airport (pretty much set my brain on a "so £250 for headphones. Let's do this!" adventure) - and was impressed by the noise cancellation, but the sound wasn't great by any means - it was good (better than the PX-200) but still not quite great as I'd hoped, and for that money I wanted something a lot better.


I've since tried a colleague's QC15 in the office, and a different colleague's HD25 and was blown away with the difference in sound quality - the HD25 sound incredible in comparison, but the background noise coming through wasn't actually that different - after a lot of reading, it seems that HD25 have quite good isolation, whilst providing great sound quality.


After a lot more reading, it seems the DT 1350 are even better isolating, with even better (at least, more "reference") sound - this is what I'm after really; I listen to a lot of jazz (Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock, Miles, Coltrane, etc) and a fair amount of big classical (Mahler, Sibelius etc) so want something that will be true to the original recordings, but with enough punch to enjoy when I'm listening to some drum'n'bass or house when I'm programming. I've read quite a lot of reviews and the few negatives I've read (quite tight after long periods, not replacement parts) I'm happy with - I tend to take pretty good care of my stuff, and I'll only be using them at my desks at home and work.


I'm ideally going to be taking these to and from the office so that on evenings I've got free, I can listen to some good quality music, but still listen all day so portability is a must (ideally I'd have 2 pairs - but at £250 a pair that's not really an option!)


Sooooo! I'm pretty much convinced that DT 1350 would be ideal headphones for me and was getting ready to pull the trigger when I noticed there's a "facelift" version - is it worth looking around a bit to find these? I saw razordog has them on ebay with international delivery, but alternatively I can get them a bit cheaper locally (but not the facelift)


Thanks in advance!

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Oh well, no replies :)


Regardless, after even more reading, and even more review watching, I've decided the DT1350 CC (coiled cable) are the headphones for me!  I've tried on so many pairs - Momentum (bit too warm), HD25-II (nearly!), Amperior (nearlier!), QC15 (not great sound), Sony MDR-1R (boomy), some Skullcandy ones (extremely boomy), the top-of-the-range Beats (urgh) and the DT1350s - exactly the sound I was after :)


Just waiting for some clients to pay up then I'll be ordering a pair :)


In the meantime, I've snagged an E07k off eblag for £40 so hopefully that'll help make sure I get the best out of the new headphones when they arrive


Does anyone else have any experience using the DT1350 with the E7 or E07k?

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The DT1350s are easy to drive, so they'll work well with pretty much any DAC/headphone amp.

So the determining factor on whether or not you should get the E07k is if it has better SQ than whatever source device you are planning to use the DT1350s with. You'll just have to try it and see smily_headphones1.gif
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