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For Sale or Trade: FT/FS: HD800

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For Sale or Trade:
FT/FS: HD800

Will Ship To: Canada

Hey all,


Looking to sell off my Sennheiser HD800. After owning them for a year, I don't think they're quite for me. Perhaps I don't have the proper equipment to drive them, or they're just not suited to my tastes, I think they're better off in another home where they will get more appreciation. Aesthetically and sonically they are in excellent condition - no blemishes, chips or scratches. Will come with original packaging and case. Serial number for these is 10551.


Looking to sell them for $1000 shipped in Canada or may consider a trade for a HiFiman HE-500 + $475. Not looking for anything else beyond this in terms of trades at the moment. 


Pictures to follow.



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Pictures up as promised!










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