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Beats Studio vs V moda Crossfade LP2 - Page 3

Poll Results: Which has more and louder bass??

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I'm gonna say save yourself the money and either get these 




or get the lp's but burn them in for about 300hours

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I am getting the studios from a friend. Haha they are real, but thanks for looking out. If I were to get denons I would get the 5000s. I heard they have great bass. But that's out of my price rante and wouldn't work at the gym
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I had the Beats studio. For $110 it is an ok deal, but you are going to get really annoyed at having to keep spare batteries with you in case yours die because the studios will not work without them. They are very comfortable. They stay on my head at the gym even when I'm doing decline bench presses or decline sit-ups, but they will get hot and you'll want to take them off. They also leak ALOT of sound and feel flimsy, but I didn't have any problem with them breaking after 6 months. The bass on them wasn't that great quantity or quality wise. I thought the Tours had better bass. I played Bass 305 and Techmaster PEBs It Came From Outter Bass, both are extremely heavy bass tracks and the Studios just rattled around a lot.
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Jad5122 i wish i could have seen this before you made a purchase if you wernt Bias on brand if you would have tried sonys x10 for a bass headphone it dont get any better. 

deffinatly if you are gonna spring for an amp. matched with the Fiio E11 or E12 and an E9 lod hook up on ipod nano gen 1-4 or a touch the sound you get is similar to a suberban with 8 twelves

and ten thousand watts ...... cant find much better for bass!!!

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Just love my LP2, have been using that for more than 1 year.  Besides using it during the gigs, also carry it with me when I go to Starbucks during the weekends to work on my track selection. Besides the bass, also love the design especially the custom shield kits.  Have been thinking to redo my logo and have it printed on!!!

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