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For Sale: Westone 4R!!! BRAND NEW!!!!

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For Sale:
Westone 4R!!! BRAND NEW!!!!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Soooo, funny story! Bought a pair of fresh new Westone 4R's for myself, just to find out that my girlfriend had already bought me a pair for our anniversary! Yeah, she's awesome, BUT now I have 2 and don't need 2 so I have a BRAND NEW pair of W4R's that I'm selling for $399. Completely unused but I had already opened the box when she saw it and tried to stop me hahaha. So I'm knocking off $100 for the open box! Yes I'm insane but my GTI is going Stage 2 sooooo $400 is, luckily for you, all i need. These are incredible true 4-way Armature Driver headphones with detachable cables!!! That means if you nick the cables you don't have to pay $500 for a new pair of Westones.


6 sets of Memory Foam Tips (3 set Westone/ 3 set Shure)
3 sets of silicone tips (Shure)
1 set of extreme sound isolating tri-cone tips
Detachable Cables
Cleaning tool
Volume Control Cable
Stereo Jack Adapter
Hard storage case
Original Box and Cover
Instruction booklet
Instructional CD/DVD
And of course.....THE Westone 4Rs

Sorry about the lack of pics but it won't let me upload so if you want pics shoot me an email and I will get them to you. Thanks!
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$300 including shipping to Canada (Ontario).  

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Yeah ill take that. give me an address and how would you like to do the transaction? I've never sent anything out of the states before. email me

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Still available?
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