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Wanted: WTB: Brainwavz B2

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WTB: Brainwavz B2

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I've been looking for the sweet looking Brainwavz B2 earphones but they seems to be a rare gem :) So I wonder if some one out there wants to sell me a pair!


I'm living in Sweden but I'm probably willing to pay for the shipping costs ;) I was hoping to get these for something under $100.


I've bought earphones from here before and only have positive comments!




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I live in Umeå, tried to sell my B2 for months with no interest in Europe. Sent them back to the US for a friend to sell. I am sure we can work out a deal, shoot me a PM.

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Check there is a b2 available on the thread for 80usd.
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I'm Rational's friend. For pics of the B2s, see here. Contact me if you're interested. I can easily ship abroad, and I can work with you to minimize customs issues.

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