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Battlefield 4

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Surprised there's no thread yet blink.gif Let's kick it off as the supposed October release is within range.


Only started with BF3 myself late last year and quite liking it. I don't (and can't) fly anything except through the sky when blown to bits. So, the BF4 footage I've seen really excites me. They do a tremendous job at that. Looking forward to pick up the game in the first few weeks of release and be all over it with the rest of the world. AFAIK there's nothing final known about computer specs which will be interesting. What would be the case though is that the game utilizes DirectX 11.1 which is only partially featured in Windows 7. Windows 8 would cover it in full. Next to that we will need a DirectX 11.1 capable videocard. Just saying ;)

Single player campaign, although I might this time, I could care less. It's about multi-player to me. With 64 players in a server I've for the first time felt a sense of being at war within a game. The boy in me excited!


Now to some fireworks:


Really quite digging on how they've integrated use of tablets and mobile phones. 



Frostbite 3 engine madness. Maybe I've seen nothing but the way they make stuff crumble is amazing.



More clips here: http://www.battlefield.com/battlefield-4/videos/multiplayer-trailer-bf4


Add to the thread at will.

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It's going to be awesome.. I'm really looking forward to this as well & I just upgraded my PC so I'm good to go  ;) 

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Originally Posted by moriez View Post


Really quite digging on how they've integrated use of tablets and mobile phones. 



That's a pretty cool feature, I didn't know they did that.  Now I need to find my tablet and wipe the dust off  

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Can't wait. I really enjoy BF multiplayer aspect although the solo campaign is lackluster. 

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Great set of multiplayer vids



I'm excited bigsmile_face.gif

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I'm excited too man biggrin.gif

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I might buy this game once it is out.

Played BF3,but never actually bought it.


Seems pointless getting BF3 now,I'll just wait for BF4. :)

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I used to play BF2 ,BF2142 and BF3.

I think BF2 is the most enjoyable that I ever play.tongue.gif  

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Hey all,


Got mine pre-ordered along with a PS4 and 4 other game. Too excited.

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So, any early impressions anyone?

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Actual sounds are fantastic, visuals are a bit better, seems like a nice improvement overall over bf3. The only thing is it's not as smooth in terms of fps, I get drops at regular intervals. It seems to depend on the server, sometimes it's slight, sometimes unbearable. Hopefully it will be sorted by release. I have to say, the actual gun sounds are perfect, makes for a more visceral feel overall. Also loving the reduction in suppression.
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Cool. I think that sound and visuals are already pretty slamming in bf3. Sounds to me that you're experiencing spikes in the connection leading to fps drops. Do you know if others are experiencing the same? You also say reduction in suppression. I guess what that comes down to is better chances of surviving?

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Yes, the fps drops are all over the bf4 forums, it's a common issue. Hopefully dice gets it fixed by launch, but they don't have a great track record for things like that. Reduction in suppression allows for higher skill vs luck. For example, someone is behind me and starts shooting at me but misses. I have the chance to turn around and win the fight if I can hit him first. In bf3, you have no chance to turn around and win because you're suppressed by all the missed shots. Suppression benefits poor aim.
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FPS drops and other issues should be related to the fact that it's a beta game, as well as the video drivers. I'm a BF veteran since the 1942 kick off, played them all so... BF is always in beta anyway lol


I'll be getting it on PC at the end of the month - need to dust off my windows rig! Hopefully there will be some EU members playing the game.


See you all on the Battlefield :)

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Aight. Played the beta on PC for about two hours and boy is-it-beta! Bad performance like you've said but also just unimpressed with what I've seen and heard: dull colors, a slight cartoonish look, disengaging voice-messages. A big meh for now and definitely back to BF3.

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